Motivational Speaker – Torsten Will

Motivational Speaker – Torsten Will

Motivational Speaker – Torsten Will



Since 1992 Torsten Will inspires as success trainer, key note speaker ten thousands of participants. Celebrities from TV, music, sports and politics take part in his success trainings for enduring peak state. Multinational companies and organizations make use of his expert knowledge for motivation, communication and success.


Torsten Will started at the age of18 as an entrepreneur. In less than 3 years he was able to realize an international business network with a turnover of several million US Dollars. Therefore, the content of his success trainings and key notes are of practical experience and successfully applicable for each participant.


According to surveys of Business For Home in the USA, Torsten Will is one of the most influential success trainers worldwide. He is registered as renowned speaker in the German encyclopedia of speakers. In just ten years over 250.000 people from 19 different countries participated at one of his trainings.



The former president of the USA (in a picture with Torsten Will in 2001): „You make our country and our planet stronger: not only by working for your own success, but also by offering this chance to other people… […] Again thank you very much for your work and good luck!” (Vente Directe Magazine No.9 1997)

Press and enterprises write about Torsten Will:

  • “The enthusiasm does not let us go off anymore.”
    Eismann Tiefkühlheimservice
  • “The personal appearance counts; nobody knows it better.”
    Westfälische Rundschau
  • “Top trainer smart coaching Torsten Will.” DM EURO
  • “Enterprises throughout Europe do benefit.” Rheinische Post
  • “From dishwasher to millionaire with Torsten Will” Pro Sieben (TV station)
  • “The expert in personal development!” L´ORÈAL
  • “An ideal opportunity to renew our energy once again, with new insights into your own personality to start into a more successful future!” Sheraton
  • “Fitness trainer for the mind!” Magazin Gesundheit