Motivational Speaker –  Brian Biro

Motivational Speaker – Brian Biro

Motivational Speaker –  Brian Biro



Meet Brian Biro, World-Class SPEAKER and AUTHOR –
known internationally as “America’s Breakthrough Coach.”
BRIAN BIRO doesn’t just deliver another keynote speech. Oh, no!
He’ll bring energy, excitement and enthusiasm to YOUR event.

Brian Biro can be described as one of today’s most sought-after professional speakers, but he is so much more. He is also a Teambuilding Speaker, a Motivational Speaker, and a Leadership Speaker with the skills, knowledge and experience to truly deliver exceptional results.

Companies and organizations who are truly committed to bringing out the best in their people hire Brian as a presenter at conferences, meetings and events all over the world. His amazing energy and passion create a shared experience that is literally life-changing. See the video above for a brief taste of the “breakthrough” experience — the most engaging and energizing presentation in the world!  

You and your team will remember the breakthrough experience for the rest of your lives.  It is the most powerful metaphor they will ever experience for breaking through the fears and worries that can hold us all back if we let them. Look closely at the faces and the absolute engagement of every participant as you view this clip.

Now, please check out the rest of the site to see how Brian Biro can help you take your team to levels you never dreamed possible!  

Brian Biro is known as “America’s Breakthrough Coach” but it’s his skills as a professional speaker that truly set him apart. His subjects include:

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Team-Building
  • Breaking through personal barriers
  • Achieving joy and success


His events as a professional speaker have changed literally thousands of lives, and the personal testimonials from event attendees show that his message touches his audience at a profoundly personal level, to help bring our the best in their professional performance. His Breakthrough message resonates with people in all professions and from all walks of life, which is why so many of his clients invite him back year after year to keep their teams motivated and their energy levels high! 


In most Brian Biro Breakthrough Leadership events, audience members are challenged to experience a personal breakthrough. Using a 1″ pine board as a metaphor for physical and emotional challenges, Brian coaches his audience to quite literally break through a real wooden board with their bare hands. It has nothing to do with strength, but instead harnesses a power and determination that most people don’t even realize exists within them. Encouraged by Brian’s leadership, skills as a coach, motivational spirit, enthusiasm, and sheer unbridled energy, the breakthrough experience is profound and in many ways, life-changing.


A Brian Biro event is equally suitable for groups of all sizes and levels of professional experience. He devotes whatever time and energy is necessary to understanding the goals of the organization, and tailoring his message specifically to support the achievement of those goals.


Beyond Success – The 15 Secrets to Effective Leadership and Life Based on Legendary Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid… by Brian D. Biro and John Wooden (Jan 1, 2001)

The Joyful Spirit: How to Become the Happiest Person You Know! by Brian D. Biro (Nov 1997)