Motivational Speaker -.Paula Pritchard

Motivational Speaker -.Paula Pritchard

Motivational Speaker -Paula Pritchard



Paula Pritchard is the grand lady of Network Marketing working together in a partnership with Kathy Robbins.

As partners, they have risen to the highest possible position and income levels with a number of network marketing companies and led the expansion of three of those companies into the European market, producing hundreds of millions of dollars in profit.

Through hard work and the development of a simple system that worked time and time again, they brought life changing success to tens of thousands of their business partners. Together they have built large organizations of 200,000 distributors, throughout 15 countries.

Paula was pursuing her doctorate degree at Kent State University, when she decided to attend her first network marketing meeting. Her first experience was with Amway. Out of a million distributors at the time, there were approximately 300 Diamonds and above. Paula was the first single woman in North America to reach Diamond.  Today Paula is known worldwide not only as one of the top network marketers and trainers, but also as a person of integrity in a very competitive industry.

Success is taking inventory. You must be willing to identify your strengths and your weaknesses. It takes courage to work on your weaknesses, but the rewards are worth the journey.  Once I decided to take inventory, I utilized my strengths and diligently worked on my weaknesses.

One of my biggest weaknesses was fear.  An interesting thing—fear!  You can’t see it, but it’s so real it can paralyze people and keep them from accomplishing all their goals in life.

I was teaching at Kent State University when I first got started in network marketing. Part of the challenge for me was that I kept trying to reinvent how to do the business. I kept trying to adapt my prior knowledge to this business instead of just…

My mentor once said that fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real.”  The more I thought about what he said, the more I realized that I was spending a great deal of time being afraid and worrying about things that were, most likely, never going to happen.  In the process of worrying about the negatives that may happen tomorrow, I was missing out on all the positives that were going on today.

Most people come into network marketing with no prior experience in the industry. When people enter network marketing, they enter a whole new way of doing business, and sometimes it’s difficult for them to comprehend what this industry is all about.  One way to help them understand is to use analogies.

If you would have asked me about the perfect presentation early in my network marketing career I certainly would have given it a higher priority in the success process than I do today.

Success is not how well you do a business presentation; it’s not where you do the presentation; it’s not how you do the presentation.  Success is the fact that you do it numerous times.  Success is in the show…

Rejection is the toughest obstacle we face in network marketing and yet how we handle it is the most critical part of our success. There is no question in my mind that some of our most talented people are lost each year to rejection. It is something we struggle with each day, not only for ourselves but for our people in order to keep them in the game…

Paula was a diamond in Amway, moved in the 90’s to NSA, Herbalife and Qurom. The upline for professional network marketers such as Shammy Dillon, Gary Chamberlain, Shay O’Brian, Pieter Monsma, Geoff Liberman, Fred Stege, Gideon Springer and many others.

She is nowdays an Ambassador in Xocai with an estimated annual earnings in 2009 of $1,061,000+.

Total estimated revenue earned in partnership with Kathy Robbins in Network Marketing approx. $12 million+.

In September 2010 she held an awesome keynote speech at the European Direct Selling Congress.