100 Van Ness Ave. (155 Hayes St.) 94102- Residential Homes (Under Construction) – 4/28

100 Van Ness Ave. (155 Hayes St.) 94102- Residential Homes (Under Construction) – 4/28

New Homes in San Francisco – Residential Homes (Under Construction) – 4/28

100 Van Ness Rendering

100 Van Ness Ave. (155 Hayes St.)

This project that will convert the 1973 building from office to residential, renovating the interior to create up to 399 residential units and ground‐floor retail with 112 off‐street parking spaces, and re‐skin the exterior of the building.

The project site is located on the east side of Van Ness Avenue at the corner with Fell Street in the Market and Octavia Area Plan, and comprises the block bounded by Hayes Street to the north, Fell Street to the south, and Polk Street to the east within the Downtown/Civic Center neighborhood. The project site is currently occupied by a 29-story, 488,420 square-foot (sO office building with ground-floor retail, a 112-space off-street parking garage accessed from Van Ness Avenue and an off-street loading space accessed from Fell Street. The proposed project
would involve retention of the existing building structure, a change of use from office to residential, renovation of the interior of the building to create 399 residential units and 6,375 sf of ground-floor retail, re-skinning of the
exterior of the building, removal of a portion of the mechanical floor at the top of the building to replace it with common open space for project residents, the addition of six (6) parking spaces in the existing garage through
restriping the provision of three (3) car share parking spaces, and the provision of approximately 120 bicycle parking spaces in secure rooms on the third and fourth floors .The building height would remain at 400 feet.

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The unit mix is 11% studios, 51% one-bedrooms, and 38% two-bedrooms. The proposed project also involves retention of the off-street parking garage, including the loading space, and would move the parking garage entrance from Van Ness Avenue to Hayes Street within five (5) years after building completion. Project construction would take approximately 16 months.
Floor 1 and 2 of the buidling would have new curved faces, inset from the flat face of the building tower, along the Van Ness Avenue and Fell Street frontages. The proposed design would also add a divider between the building column at the corner of Fell Street and Van Ness Avenue and the face of the curved
exterior wall, to prevent air flow between the column and the exterior glass curtain wall. Final nugget of fun: Sangiacomo plans to jump on Phase II, the $200 million Market Street-facing portion with 550 units, as soon as Phase I is done (occupancy planned for Jan/Feb of next year).