St.Anthony Foundation Senior Housing, 121 Golden Gate Ave. 94102 – Residential Homes (Under Construction) – 20/28

St.Anthony Foundation Senior Housing, 121 Golden Gate Ave. 94102 – Residential Homes (Under Construction) – 20/28

New Homes in San Francisco – Residential Homes (Under Construction) – 20/28

121 Golden Gate Rendering

St.Anthony Foundation Senior Housing, 121 Golden Gate Ave.

The approximately 14,156‐square‐foot (sf), flag-shaped project site is located on the southwest corner of Golden Gate Avenue and Jones Street (101‐121 Golden Gate Avenue, Assessor’s Block 0349, Lot 001) on the blocksurrounded by Golden Gate Avenue and Jones, McAllister, and Leavenworth Streetis in the Downtown/Civic Center area (see Figure 1, page 2). The existing two-story‐with‐basement, 40‐foot tall, 42,468sf building, constructed in 1912, covers the entire lot. The existing building is occupied by the St. Anthony Foundation dining hall/kitchen (20,003 sf), philanthropic/social services space (14,777 sf), and accessory office space (7,688 sf), and has a floor area ratio (FAR) of 3.0. The existing building has pedestrian entrances on Golden Gate Avenue and Jones Street, and no off‐street parkingor loading spaces. There are no trees on the project site itself, no street trees along the Golden Gate Avenue frontage of the project site, and one street tree along the Jones Street frontage of the site. Adjacent to the project site to the south is the historic sevenstory Boyd Hotel (39 Jones Street), and the historic Hibernia Bank is south of the Boyd Hotel (1 Jones Street, San Francisco Landmark No. 130). Adjacent and to the west of the project site is the historic St. Boniface Church and Rectory (133‐175 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco Landmark No. 172). The project site is located in an RC‐4 (Residential‐Commercial Combined, High Density) use district, an 80‐120‐T height and bulk district, and the North of Market Residential Special Use District, Subarea No. 1, which has a maximum density ratio of one dwelling unit for each 125 square feet of lot area.
The St. Anthony Foundation recently constructed a fivestory, approximately 47,000‐square‐foot building at 150 Golden Gate Avenue across the street from the proposed project site. The building contains the administrative offices for the Foundation, a Social Work Center; the Tenderloin Tech Lab, a medical clinic, community meeting space, and a food preparation and dining hall that would function as the St. Anthony dining room during construction of the proposed project.
The proposed project includes the demolition of the existing two‐story building currently used for philanthropic purposes, and the construction of a 99‐foot‐high, 10‐story, 109,375‐sf building with 40,561 sf of dining hall/kitchen and philanthropic/social services in the basement and ground level. The proposed building would contain 46,950 sf of residential space consisting of 90 senior affordable rental dwelling units and 21,864 sf of non‐residential interior space on levels two through ten, and no parking facilities. Table 1 below summarizes the characteristics of the project. The 90 residences would consist of 43 studios, 46 one‐bedroom units, and one two‐bedroom unit. The proposed building would cover the entire lot and have a density of one residential unit per 139 square feet.

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