909-921 Howard St. (Planning, Design or Conception) – San Francisco – 94103

909-921 Howard St. (Planning, Design or Conception) – San Francisco – 94103

909-921 Howard St. (Planning, Design or Conception) – San Francisco – 94103


Project Name/Location: 5th & Howard / 206-230 5th Street and 909-921
Howard Street, San Francisco, CA

Sponsor: Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit housing developer based
in San Francisco

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Project Description

Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) has requested a $4,000,000 acquisition loan to maintain ownership of a site located at 5th & Howard Streets in the south of market Area of San Francisco. The project is currently in the feasibility stage with TNDC assessing several scenarios for the development of the site. The most likely and preferred development option is a joint-venture partnership with a for-profit developer to build a 172 mixed-income rental housing project with 9,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail space. Thirty-five percent of the total units would be affordable for households up to 55% of area median income. The San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) fully supports the project, having provided $4.73MM in soft debt for the acquisition which will stay in the project after the TOAH financing is repaid.

Rental Comparisons

A formal market study has not been completed for the project however TNDC is targeting families and individuals with incomes below 55% AMI for the affordable part of the project.

Quality of Transit

The project is located 0.3 miles from the Powell BART station that serves the wider Bay Area.
Additionally, there are fifteen different Muni bus lines that are available within one block of the project site.

Borrower Capacity and Development Team

Established in 1981, TNDC s mission is to provide safe, affordable housing with support services
for low-income people in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco and to be a leader in
making the neighborhood a better place to live. An anchor institution in the community, TNDC
owns and operates 30 buildings serving 3,000 tenants. The vast majority of tenants have
monthly incomes below $1,000. These include seniors on fixed incomes, emancipated youth
from the foster care system, families on tight budgets, people living with HIV and AIDS, and
formerly homeless individuals recovering from substance abuse or mental illness. TNDC is one
of the largest and most well-regarded affordable housing developers in San Francisco.

Supportive Services

While no specific supportive services have been planned for the project, TNDC has several
programs that it offers its tenants and the Tenderloin community as a whole, including the
Tenderloin After-School Program (TASP), social work services, tenant activities throughout the
year, and the Tenderloin People s Garden. TASP provides a safe drop-in space for children in the
neighborhood and serves more than 250 youth ages 5 to 18. The community garden located near
city hall has harvested over 2,500 lbs. of food distributed to 400 people since its inception in

Neighborhood Impact

The project is located in the South of Market (SOMA) area one block west of the Yerba Buena Gardens. This portion of SOMA is characterized by smaller light industrial and commercial buildings, large commercial buildings, hotels and residential uses. Over the past couple of years

PROJECT : 909-921 Howard Street and 206 5th Street
Project is located at 909-921 Howard Street and 206 5th Street between 5th and 6th Streets in the South of Market area. The site is approximately 31,225 SF (0.72 acres) and is currently improved with two commercial buildings and a single surface paid parking lot. Existing improvements will be demolished prior to start of construction. The site is currently zoned Residential Service District (RSD). The site has a 40X/85B height and bulk limit with a conditional use required for buildings over 40-feet. The site is also in Eastern Neighborhoods Community Planning area and has a designation of Mixed-Use Residential (MUR). The site is currently planned to comply with both the RSD and MUR zoning. The site is also located in the South of Market Redevelopment Area.
TNDC and CHC have initially evaluated a conceptual design of a 9-story family apartment building with approximately 137 units of a mix of studios, 1BRs, 2BRs and 3 BRs, with potential ground floor retail use. The final number of units and project concept may change following feedback from the project’s funding sources. The project is proposed to target 20% of the units to formerly homeless families with the remaining units affordable to families earning at or below 60% San Francisco median income.
The project will require review for CEQA and NEPA, but it is possible the project may be eligible for a CEQA exception. TNDC and CHC anticipate the project will require a conditional use height variance, parking variance and possibly open space requirement exception, and/or a shadow study analysis. Since the site is greater than half an acre, a Planned Unit Development (PUD) may be pursued. TNDC and CHC will seek the assistance of the Architect in these processes.
CHC has executed a purchase agreement with the owner. Contingent on funding approval by the City and County of San Francisco, CHC and TNDC anticipate acquiring the property between June 2008 and December 2009.
TNDC and CHC will field questions regarding this RFQ and the proposed Project from interested firms through Thursday May 1. Questions and answers will be posted on the City’s Bids & Contracts website by Monday May 5 http://mission.sfgov.org/OCABidPublication/.

TNDC and CHC anticipate a 24 month acquisition feasibility analysis period prior to acquisition of the Project site. TNDC and CHC expect the selected Architect to commence feasibility design services immediately upon selection.
Dependent on the availability of funding by the City and County of San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing, TNDC and CHC expect to secure acquisition and predevelopment financing in spring 2008. If TNDC and CHC are not able to secure such financing, the Project will be deemed infeasible. Construction is anticipated to start in late 2010.
The construction cost is estimated to be $54.6 million in 2007 dollars, based on comparable projects in development. The construction cost budget will be refined throughout the subsequent design phases of the Project (schematic design, design development, and construction documents). TNDC and CHC will be selecting a general contractor subsequent to the architect selection process. TNDC and CHC anticipate using a negotiated bid contracting agreement for the Project and will select, prior to the completion of the schematic design phase, a qualified general contractor to participate in the design process. The contractor will provide construction cost estimates, in each design phase, which will be the basis for a negotiated construction contract, and value engineering options. The Architect will be responsible for evaluating the construction cost estimates as part of the basic services.