St Helena based Flora Springs sits on the St Helena highway with its eco friendly-winery cutely occupying the address of West Zinfandel Lane around the corner. Family owned, established 1978, the estates now span five Appellations (including Rutherford, Oakville and Carneros) of 650 acres. Visitors will hear about a bio-experience as winemakers employ assisted wind power from adjacent generators to manage red ferments and their other cellar needs. The vineyards focus on cabernet sauvignon, with some Italian influence by growing sangiovese. Look for five single vineyard cabernets: Wild Boar 05, Out of Sight 05, Holy Smoke 07, Rutherford Hill Hillside Reserve 05 and St Helena Rennie Reserve 05. The essential Chianti-inspired blend is a cabernet sangiovese-Poggio del Papa 07 while there is also a straight Sangiovese 07. The family flagship is a meritage dominated by 65% cabernet, then merlot, franc, verdot and malbec. It’s called Trilogy 05. A sensational sauvignon blanc leads the white wines-Soliloquy 08, a lees-aged, non-malolactic wine of racy acidity and substance. Production is 45,000 cases.


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