San Francisco Venue Developement Project

San Francisco Venue Developement Project

The venue will be located on Piers 30-32 on the waterfront in San Francisco. This area is in close proximity to BART, Caltrain and Muni stops, ferry terminals and the Bay Bridge, while also being located within easy walking distance of the Financial District in Downtown San Francisco. View preliminary concept designs, facts and area maps below.

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Venue Footprint: 170,000 square feet

Venue Height: 110 feet to top of facade, 125 feet to top of arena roof. For reference, AT&T Park is 183 feet to light standard, 132 feet to top of seating bowl

Venue Seating Capacity: 18,064. For reference, the capacity of Oracle Arena is 19,596

Venue Total Square Footage: (including practice facilities and offices): 695,000 square feet

Practice Courts: 21,000 square feet

Community Event Room: 2,500 square feet

Parking Spaces: approximately 500 spaces, with bike valet for 300 bikes and 100 onsite bike rack spaces

Retail: 90,000 square feet

Open Space: 7.6 acres

Open Space as Portion of Total Site Area: 60% of the overall site

Maritime Uses: Ferry landing, fire boat/fire station facility (accommodating three fire boats), water taxi landing, deep-water berth for cruise ships and guest docks

Public View Into Arena: Yes

Red’s Java House: Preserved on southwest corner of site