BuildZoom Outlines in Detail Where Apple Spent $5B Building the Apple Park

BuildZoom Outlines in Detail Where Apple Spent $5B Building the Apple Park

BuildZoom, an online resource for contractors and those seeking their work outlined how and where Apple spent its $5 billion across the new Apple Park campus it just completed in Cupertino. lists the campus as the fourth most expensive structure in the world and the most expensive in the US. And while it is unlikely that the iPhone maker will ever reveal its full and actual cost, BuildZoom was able to compile an extensive list of minimum costs.

The main building, the circular structure also referred to as the spaceship, was the most expensive one, coming in at nearly $430 million. But the 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater building, which only has the cylindrical entrance visible while the remainder of the structure is situated below ground, is the second most expensive structure on the new campus coming in at nearly $180 million. And since Apple pays a lot of attention to the customer experience, it is only natural that the third most expensive building is the Visitor Center, which cost nearly $110 million.

Apple also wanted to make sure its promise to keep the campus green is fulfilled and spent $85 million on landscaping and irrigation.

BuildZoom’s full report for each of the buildings and the associated costs are here.



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