Robots – Pepper as Host

Robots – Pepper as Host

Impress Your Guests Like Never Before

Introducing a powerful new business tool that makes it easy to:

Get Your Visitors’
Undivided Attention

Pepper’s outgoing personality engages your guests from the moment they walk through the door

Effortlessly Connect Your
Visitors to Their Parties

Pepper lets everyone know who’s arrived and when, decreasing all-around wait times

Put Your Business Front
and Center

Pepper lets visitors see what your company has to offer in a fun and engaging way

Make the Wait Time a Little
More Fun

Between Pepper’s charming personality and interactive features, there’s never a dull moment

Easily Answer Frequently
Asked Question

Upload your visitors’ most frequently asked questions and have Pepper answer them for you

Control Pepper From The Web

Decide how Pepper greets the visitors — all from the convenience of your laptop. Tap any of the buttons to see how it works.