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MC创投梦工场(中国最大的投资人成长与服务平台; 美国企业; 今日硅谷你和金字塔尖的人儿差在哪儿?想赶上机会的列车,你最好离站台不太远New Home – Ellison Park – Milpitas, CA – 95035
Fremont 94538 Golden Triangle area

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Top schools in 94538:

Warm Springs Elementary  API 978

James Leitch Elementary   API 959

O. H. Hirsch Elementary   API 928

John M. Horner Junior High  API 920

Irvington High  API 884

Most of the properties go to O. H. Hirsch Elementary, and only few of them go to the other two. The golden area is near Washington Blvd, Fremont Blvd, Auto Mall Pkwy, Grimmer Blvd, and high way 680. Pls check the map below for more detail.

94538 Golden area


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