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百大连锁店 Rank no. 189 – 新移民致富之路

Top 250 Franchise by Entrepreneur-Rank no. 189-ShelfGenie Franchise Systems LLC-US


Products & Services: Custom shelving & accessories for cabinets/pantries

Number of Locations: 147

Total Investment: $70.09K – 125.25K

Founded: 2000

Began Franchising: 2008

About ShelfGenie Franchise Systems LLC
ShelfGenie franchisees design and install the company’s Glide-Out shelves in kitchen cabinets, pantries, bathrooms and garages to improve organization and availability for homeowners. The company was founded in 2000 in Richmond, Virginia, and has been offering franchises since 2008.

Where Seeking Franchisees: Franchisor is seeking new franchise units in the U.S.,Australia/New Zealand, Canada.
Startup Costs, Ongoing Fees and Financing
Total Investment: $70,100 – $125,250
Franchise Fee: $45,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5%
Term of Franchise Agreement: 5 years, renewable
Financial Requirements
Liquid Cash Available: $75,000
Franchise can be run from home. Absentee ownership of franchise is NOT allowed..

Franchise Ranking History
Franchise 500®: #189 (2013), #210 (2012), #325 (2011), #465 (2009),
Fastest-Growing: #84 (2012), #63 (2011),
Top New: #4 (2013), #4 (2012), #22 (2011),
Top Home-Based: #43 (2013), #52 (2012),

Founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2000, ShelfGenie® has expanded across the U.S. and into Canada.  Our expansion has been fueled through partnerships with local franchisees.  Our local franchisees are passionate members of their communities.  Many of our franchisees joined ShelfGenie after having Glide-Out shelves installed in their own homes and discovering the high quality solutions we offer.

At ShelfGenie, we pride ourselves on having the best quality Glide-Out shelves available to homeowners.  Our process, service and dedicated team of professionals are simply unmatched in the business.  Most importantly, we strive to provide our satisfied customers with easier lives.

By providing better access, improved storage and more organizational options, our Glide-Out shelves have allowed homeowners to fall in love with their cabinets and pantries all over again.  With ShelfGenie and our affordable Glide-Out shelving solutions, you once again hold the key to kitchen happiness.

We invite you to take a moment and review how our design process and solutions can improve your relationship with your cabinets.  We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the ShelfGenie Family!

Our mission at ShelfGenie® is to remain the industry leader in customized cabinet shelving solutions by:

Ensuring we exceed the expectations of our customers by transforming their cabinets and improving their home living experience
Continuing to be the standard-bearer in quality, product innovation and solutions
Providing our Franchisees with unparalleled business support that enables them to focus on their customers and their personal success
Making ShelfGenie a great place to work
Showing gratitude for our success

Creating custom storage and organizational solutions is what we do at ShelfGenie®.  Each Glide-Out™ solution our Designers select for your home is chosen to meet a specific accessibility, storage or organizational need.  During your consultation, our Designers will spend the time to get to know how you and your family use your home.  By learning about your needs, we are able to create the customized solutions that provide more space, easier access and better organization.

ShelfGenie Glide-Outs provide:

Customized solutions to meet your specific needs.
Full extension shelves that hold items up to 100 pounds and bring even the deepest part
of the cabinet within easy reach.
Recaptured space lost to the back of cabinets or behind cabinet stiles.
Reduced clutter and improved efficiency.

From the kitchen and the bathroom, and the pantry to the home office, in any cabinet Glide-Out shelves add value.
Call (888) 903-8839.
Our corporate office is located at:

5500 Interstate North Parkway
Suite 250
Atlanta, Georgia 30328

Source: ShelfGenie Official Website


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