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Rank no. 477 – Murphy Business & Financial Corp. – US

murphy business solutions

Products & Services: Business and franchise brokerage, commercial real estate

Number of Locations: 150

Total Investment: $54.45K – 113.59K

Founded: 1994

Began Franchising: 2006

About Murphy Business & Financial Corp.

After a successful career in publishing, direct mail and consulting, Roger Murphy relocated to Florida in 1994 and started Murphy Business & Financial Services to offer assistance with listing, marketing and selling local businesses. He opened thirty branch offices in Florida between 1994 and 2006, when he was approached by Tom Miller about franchising the business. Murphy Business & Financial franchises offer business brokerage services, mergers and acquisitions, franchise sales, commercial real estate, business valuation, consulting and machinery and equipment services.

Where Seeking Franchisees: Franchisor is seeking new franchise units in the following states:
Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Midwest, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Northeast, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South, South Carolina, South Dakota, Southeast, Southwest, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, West, Washington, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Wyoming.
Franchisor is seeking new units in Canada.
Startup Costs, Ongoing Fees and Financing

Total Investment: $54,450 – $113,600
Franchise Fee: $35,000 – $50,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 10%
Term of Franchise Agreement: 10 years, renewable
Net Worth: $50,000
Liquid Cash Available: $27,000 – $50,000
Franchise can be run from home. Absentee ownership of franchise is NOT allowed..

Franchise Ranking History

Franchise 500®: #477 (2013), #428 (2012), #219 (2011), #344 (2010), #210 (2009),
Fastest-Growing: #91 (2010),
Low-Cost: #91 (2013),
Top New: #9 (2011), #8 (2010), #10 (2009),
Top Home-Based: #65 (2011), #100 (2010), #49 (2009),
America’s Top Global: #171 (2011), #161 (2009),

What is Franchising?
The evolution of franchising can be traced back to the 1850s, but franchising as we understand it today started in the 1950s and has reached almost mythical stature over the last fifty years. A new franchise opens every 8 minutes of every business day and drives over 40% of all retail business. Annually, franchising accounts for over $800 Billion in sales, and employs over 8 Million people. Franchise opportunities are the most successful business opportunities on the planet with over 95% success rate and at the same time creating over 170,000 new jobs per year.

Who Invests in Business Franchise Opportunities?
The majority of franchise business buyers are success-oriented, educated, family-minded, corporate people. As corporations switched their focus from employees to investors, they realized how expensive their senior level employee had become and they began down-sizing their mid and upper level managers to save money and improve investor stakes in their companies. This growing number of outstanding corporate managers are now the driving force behind franchising and represent a constant stream of qualified franchise buyers through Murphy offices.

The Franchise Buyer
A 25 year study conducted by the International Franchise Association pinpointed the “Typical Franchise Buyer." Business buyers that seek franchise opportunities will come from all walks of life, educational and economic backgrounds, but some of the typical characteristics are:

Between 35 and 55 years old
Corporate Management Background
Income Avg. $60 to 150K
Net Worth of $250 to $600K
Majority Have IRA/401K Retirement Plans
Men, Couples, Women in that order
Most Have Not Owned a Business
Want to Build a Business That Will Allow Them To Retire
Looking For On-going Marketing, Training and Support
These are the same outstanding clients that come to Murphy offices to seek assistance Buying a Franchise Business.

Murphy Franchise System
The Murphy Franchise organization is lead by Tom Miller, Executive Vice President of Murphy Business & Financial Corporation. He is a 25 year veteran of franchising and assisting individuals in buying a franchise business, and the recognized authority on franchising in the business brokerage community. Murphy Business Consultants are highly educated and trained with a wide range of business/franchise ownership, upper level management and franchise experience. There are a few thousand business franchise opportunities available but Murphy Franchising is associated with only the finest franchises and work to find the “perfect franchise" for each of our Murphy clients.

An Introduction to Murphy
Identifying excellence in a professional business brokerage firm shouldn’t be difficult. Take, for example, the following criteria:

Proven track record of successful business closings
High closing ratios
Ready access to buyers and sellers, both nationwide and internationally
Systems and processes to match buyers and sellers
Highly experienced and credentialed business brokers
Unsurpassed standards of business ethic
Membership in all significant industry associations, group listing services, multiple listing services and brokerage networks
Founded in 1994 by Roger J. Murphy, Murphy Business & Financial Corporation meets these criteria. As a result, the firm has become one of the largest and most successful business brokerage firms in North America, with business brokers conveniently located throughout the United States and Canada.

Members of the Murphy team have been carefully recruited and selected for their high level of achievement as former CEOs, CFOs, CPAs, business owners and senior level executives in a wide range of industries and professions. But their accomplishments don’t stop with their prior experience. Our business brokers receive intensive training, ongoing support and many have subsequently received the highest awards, credentials and designations in our industry.

We invite you to learn more about Murphy’s approach to the business brokerage profession. We hope to demonstrate how we provide both clients and professional partners with the highest standards of professional service and unmatched performance in the sales of privately held businesses, mergers, machinery and equipment sales, sales and re-sales of franchise businesses, commercial real estate transactions, business valuations, acquisitions and business consulting.

Why Use An Intermediary?

The business owner is an expert at running the business but may not be as knowledgeable about the selling process. An intermediary can assist the business owner reach their goal of a successful transaction.

Procrastination and delay are critical factors when structuring a deal. Therefore, a business broker will continually move the process forward with qualified buyers, financing resources and ancillary associations to the deal such as CPAs and attorneys. a business broker is in a better position to perform this function than the owner as he/she is focused on the life cycle of the deal. The owner will be allowed to focus on operating a profitable business.

Selling a business is often emotional for the business owner. An intermediary will act on behalf of the owner and will establish a strong negotiating position without compromising the goodwill and relationship between the principal parties. An intermediary will increase the opportunity to receive “the best price” for the business.

A business broker is a skilled professional in the mergers and acquisitions world and has established relationships with many professional organizations which are required to complete the transfer of ownership. These relationships will prove to be extremely beneficial to the business owner and the buyers.

An owner could experience disastrous results by “leaking” that the business is for sale. Employees, customers, suppliers and competitors’ relationships could be damaged causing an adverse condition hurting the potential sale. A business broker will preserve the confidentiality of the selling company during the process of marketing the business and only share information on a “need to know” basis.

As an intermediary, a business broker will provide the business owner with strategic information regarding market timing, market conditions, market price, financing options, structuring the transaction and other information that is advantageous to the owner.



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