Highrise Building-Blu Condos

#12 Blu Condos
Rincon Hill | 631 Folsom St. | SF | 94107

Blu is a newer 21-story high-rise condominium tower in San Francisco, CA. Blu is made up of 108 homes – that’s only 6 per floor. There are also 6 two-story penthouses with private roof decks and glass-walled solariums. The design aesthetic of Blu is clean, simple and modern. The architects wanted to preserve the sense of open space in order to maximize sunlight and air.

Blu是旧金山一栋较新的21层楼的高层公寓大厦,由108套别墅组建而成, 每个楼层只有6套。也有6栋两层的顶部阁楼,能享受到私人屋顶板和玻璃幕墙的日光浴。BLU的设计美学是干净的,简单和具有现代感。建筑师们想要最大程度的保留开放的感觉已获得最大限度的阳光和空气。


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