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旧金山高层-Sun Tower(Approved 18 of 32)

The Treasure Island Development is an approved 405-acre (164 ha) redevelopment project on Treasure Island  and parts of Yerba Buena Island in San Francisco Bay between San Francisco  and Oakland within San Francisco  city limits. Treasure Island’s development was set to break ground during mid-2012. However, on April 12, 2013, The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the deal has collapsed, with the Chinese investor withdrawing from the project.




Master Plan

The master plan calls for all residences to be within a 10-minute walk of all basic goods. A new ferry terminal would connect to a retail center as part of an urban core with a 40-story tower and hotels. Three distinct residential neighborhoods would radiate from the core area and feature townhouses, along with flats and a 14-story residential tower. Also proposed are: five high-rise towers, a K-8 school, 450,000 sq ft (42,000 m2) of retail and commercial buildings, a 275-acre (111 ha) park, a 20-acre (8.1 ha) Organic farm, and a 400-slip marina and beach along with state-of-the-art community facilities. The entire redevelopment would take 20 to 30 years to build and would create 8,000 new households for approximately 20,000 people. The development is expected to cost US$1.5 billion.

Buildings In The Development

Name Floors
Sun Tower 60
Treasure Island Tower I 40
Treasure Island Tower II 40
Treasure Island Tower III 40
Treasure Island Tower IV 40

Project Status

The City of San Francisco has been working to redevelop the 404-acre island since the U.S. Navy closed its base on the island during 1997. The Treasure Island Project is being developed by a joint venture  between Lennar Corporation  and Kenwood Investments.On June 7, 2011 the Board of Supervisors Voted 11-0 to approve the project, City officials are now working with the US Navy on a property transfer. The project is scheduled to start during mid-2012, with the construction of homes and retail spaces beginning in 2014 with the first new homes to be occupied by 2015. The project would create 3,000 permanent jobs and 2,000 construction jobs.


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