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旧金山高层-706 Mission Street (Proposed 25 of 32)

Millennium Partners, the developer responsible for The Four Seasons Residences and The Millennium Tower in San Francisco, is hard at work on another project:

706 Mission Street, the Mexican Museum and Residential Tower Project




The project has been with the planning department for quite a while, and the draft EIR (environmental impact review) document was published on June 27 of this year, with comments, input, criticisms, and spelling corrections due a few weeks ago. Today it was the subject of an article in SF gate  by John King, who isn’t pleased with the way the tower would impact neighboring Jessie Square. Before we get into that, though, a little background:

  • The site, located at the corner of 3rd and Mission in the Yerba Buena  district of SOMA is near the Jewish Museum, Museum of the African Diaspora, and was intended to be the permanent site of the Mexican Museum. However, the museum hasn’t been able to secure the necessary funds or financing for development, so…
  • The proposal is to build a large residential tower (approximately 47 stories – 550 feet) that would have four floors of space for the Mexican Museum.

The eastern part of the site is currently home to the Aronson Building, which is considered a historically important building. The ground floor is retail (Rochester Big n Tall) with commercial offices above.

The proposed project would build a new tower (520 foot tall main building with a 30 foot tall mechanical “penthouse”) that would be adjacent to and physically connected to the Aronson Building. As part of the development of 706 Mission, the Aronson Building would be restored and rehabilitated. Inside the new tour, up to 43 floors would be dedicated to luxury condominium homes, with the other four floors going to the Mexican museum. The existing retail in the Aronson building would be ‘reconfigured’ (aka, buh-bye Big n Tall!), parts of the 2nd and 3rd floor would go to the museum, and existing offices on the 4th – 10th floors would either become luxury residences (up to 28 homes) or office space.






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