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旧金山高层-Transbay Block 9 (Proposed 29 of 32)



Avant Housing is teaming with Essex Property Trust and BRIDGE Housing to construct a new SOM-designed 41-story, 563-unit mixed-use tower on Transbay Block 9. On the lot on Folsom Street between First and Essex streets, the new project will be down the street from San Francisco-based Avant’s 463-units in two buildings at 900 Folsom.

The 600,000 sq.ftd mixed-use development will include a mix of studios, one- and two- bedroom homes,and penthouses, with 113 below market-rate, below-ground parking, elevated gardens, and a green house. There will also be 6,000 sq. ft. of retail space on the ground floor along Folsom Street, with a public park that connects Folsom to Clementina Street and the proposed Oscar Park. Goal is to start construction in early 2014, with occupancy in 2016.

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