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旧金山高层-5M Project(Proposed 30 of 32)

13 is a new non-profit organization that bridges the collaborative power of more than 2,000 diverse organizations and individuals linked at the 5M Project with the surrounding neighborhoods and beyond. Our goal is to catalyze local economic and social impact in our community through job and entrepreneurship training, creative placemaking, and youth development programs. Initial programs will focus on public street art, arts-based community engagement, artist residencies, cultural entrepreneurship fellowships, resource matching, and small business accelerator training. Additional workforce development programs will soon follow. is a direct outgrowth of the interests from the partner organizations of the 5M Project.The 5M Project is a four-acre multi-phase, mixed-use development project between 5th, Mission, and Howard Streets. Our purpose is to create a dense, networked environment to unlock the enormous community and economic value that is generated when we reach across typical boundaries to share resources and build upon each others’ ideas.

The 5M Project assembles and builds trust between diverse networks, organizations and individuals located on site — artists, makers, designers, funders, students, changemakers, entrepreneurs, tech companies, community groups and local food solutions. We currently have more than 2,000 creative organizations linked together at 5M through our partners: TechShop, Hub, SoMa Central, SFMade, Intersection for the Arts, Off the Grid and SOCAP, among others. Together, we are transforming an underutilized property into a vibrant place for connection and innovation.

We’ve only just begun the process. As time goes on, we will exponentially grow the network effect at 5M. We envision a place dense with activity and people, gathered in authentic environments, igniting new ideas and connecting with diverse groups. It will spill out to the surrounding blocks and blend into the fabric of the city. We envision it instigating collaboration that harnesses the energy of online networks where more people and activity unlock more opportunity for everyone. A place that is always on and open for participation, where you can easily stumble across something inspiring that you never intended to find. This is what great cities offer us. Our goal is to enhance the potential of the city at 5M and in doing so, establish a new urban model for strengthening community and growing local economy.




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