Jabil Blue Sky Innovation Centers; 捷普; 今日硅谷

Jabil Blue Sky Innovation Centers; 捷普; 今日硅谷

Jabil Blue Sky Innovation Centers help our customers engineer growth and establish market leadership in an environment of rapid change. At the forefront of Jabil’s technological effort, the centers display some of the world’s cutting-edge capabilities like automation, product design, wearable health and medical devices, factory-of-the-future, and more. The centers leverage collaborative spaces for creating, cultivating, and incubating new ideas from vision and prototyping to global manufacturing.

From igniting ideas, curiosity, and collaboration to tackling tough innovation challenges in a thought-provoking environment, Jabil’s Blue Sky Innovation Centers are more than facilities — they are an experience. They elevate engagement with our customers, partners, prospects, employees, and the industry overall. Some of the world’s leading minds in engineering, science, and manufacturing leverage the powerful, global resources of our centers to elevate ideas beyond expectations.


Blue Sky Innovation Centers are located in:

San Jose, California — this center showcases all of Jabil’s diverse capabilities with a focus on additive manufacturing, factory-of-the-future, and intelligent digital supply chain solutions.
Clinton, Massachusetts — featuring a 3D, 4k holographic “Wearable Man,” this center highlights Nypro expertise in connected medical and consumer health products.
Tortosa, Spain — this state-of-the-art packaging plant includ es a Customer Engagement Center for partners across Europe.

Address: 6375 San Ignacio Ave, San Jose, CA 95119
Phone: (727) 577-9749