Albany-北加州华人热门城市排行榜 7 of 30

Albany-北加州华人热门城市排行榜 7 of 30


Albany (formerly Ocean View) is a city in Alameda County, California,  United States. The population was 18,539 at the 2010 Census . Zip Code: 94706, 94707, 94710



In 1908, a group of local women protested the dumping of Berekey garbage in their community. Armed with two shotguns and a twenty-two-caliber rifle, they confronted the drivers of the wagons near what is now the corner of San Pablo Avenue and Buchanan Street. The women told the drivers of the horse-drawn garbage wagons to go home, which they did quickly and without complaint. Shortly thereafter, the residents of the town voted to incorporate as the City of Ocean View. In 1909, voters changed the name of the city, primarily to distinguish the city from the adjacent section of Berkeley which had previously been named Ocean View On a vote of 38 to 6 the city was renamed in honor of Albany, New York, the birthplace of the city’s first mayor, Frank Roberts


Public schools in Albany are operated by the Albany Unified School District, a special-purpose district whose borders match the city’s. The school district operates three elementary schools (Marin, Ocean View and Cornell School), one middle school  (Albany Middle School), one traditional high school (Albany High School), and one continuation high school,  in addition to an adult school. Abany HIgh Schol is known as one of the best public schools of the San Francisco Bay Area  for its academic excellence. The high school had a graduation rate of 92.1%, according to the 2009–10 School Accountability Report Card for the prior academic year.

There are two private high schools in Albany: Tilden Preparatory School  (formerly School for Independent Learners) on Solano Avenue and St. Mary’s College High School,whose campus straddles the border with Berkeley, CA.

The University of California, Berkeley  owns a large student housing complex in Albany, University Village , which is primarily used for family housing.