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享受阳光是美好的, 但是日晒伤,却不是那么一件美好的事情了。 下面是一些预防或是避免晒伤的一些措施,希望给大家一些帮助:

1,Stay out of the sun during peak hours. While these times may vary slightly depending on the season and and where you live, the hours between 10:00 (10:00 am) and 15:00 (3:00 pm) should be spent indoors if at all possible.
赤日炎炎似火烧,避免在日光强烈的时间段外出。 根据不同的季节和居住的地方,当然这个时间段可能稍微有点不同,通常这个时间段为上午的十点到下午3点之间,尽量待在室内。

2,Keep covered up. Floppy hats and large umbrellas work well but so do beach cover-ups and the like. Long-sleeved cotton shirts are excellent for hiking, cycling etc; see your sports store for special brands that allow breathing as well as cover-up.
遮阳的穿戴。 用于海滩上遮阳的工具可以采用软盘帽子和大伞。长袖棉质衬衫非常适合徒步旅行,骑自行车等;你也可以到体育商品店找到一些特别的品牌,即能保证呼吸无碍又能方便遮阳。

3, Use sunscreen on any exposed areas. An SPF of 45+ is recommended for it allows even the fairest skinned folks to stay out in the sun for a few hours before reapplying. Try Vaseline or chapstick on your lips. Follow the instructions on sunscreen carefully; reapply when it says to reapply or it may not work properly. Always reapply after leaving the water, as it’ll have washed off.
在任何暴露的地方涂上防晒霜。 通常建议使用SPF 45 +的防晒产品,对于特别稚嫩的皮肤,在外出的前几个小时就建议涂上。 试着使用唇膏或是凡士林。按照使用说明认真做好防晒, 应当重新涂上的时候就必须重新涂上,否则会没有效果。 因为他们是溶于水的,一旦洗完手后,就需要重新涂上。

4, Don’t forget hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget to cover the backs of your knees, back of your neck, elbows and back of your ears (if you have short hair). Feet should also be included if you are wearing sandals, flip-flops or going bare-foot. Even these places can hurt a lot with sunburn.
别忘了一些难以触碰到的地方。 别忘了也要照顾到膝盖后面, 脖子后部, 肘部和耳朵后部(如果你是短头发的话)。 如果你穿的凉鞋, 拖鞋或光脚,脚部防晒也应该考虑进去。 通常这些地方很容易被晒伤。

5, Don’t lie in the sun purposefully seeking a tan. This is not only damaging to your skin but might burn you the first few times you try it at the beginning of the season. If you want to tan, do it gradually and sensibly, with short exposure and building up over time.
不要有地躺在阳光下寻求日光浴。 这不仅伤害皮肤同时也可能在一个季节刚开始就晒伤好几回了。 如果你要日光浴, 要循序渐进有理性地安排, 由刚开始的短时间的体验到后来慢慢地递加。

6, Put a small amount of oil or sunscreen in your hair so you will avoid burning your scalp. Or cover it with a hat. Some shampoos and hair conditioners contain SPF protection.
在头发上涂上少数的油或是防晒霜,可以避免发丝晒伤或者戴一顶帽子。 一个洗发水或是护发素也包含SPF防晒功能。


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