Forbes Best US Restaurant – Sushi Taro – Washington, D.C.

Forbes Best US Restaurant – Sushi Taro – Washington, D.C.

Forbes Best US Restaurant – Sushi Taro – Washington, D.C.

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1503 17th St NW
(between N P St & N Church St)
Washington, DC 20036
Neighborhood: Dupont Circle

(202) 462-8999

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Nearest Transit Station:
Dupont Circle Metro (Red)

Farragut North Metro (Red)

Mon-Fri 11:30 am – 2 pm

Mon-Thu 5:30 pm – 10 pm

Fri-Sat 5:30 pm – 10:30 pm



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Menu for Sushi Taro


add to your noodle order a small appetizer and inari set $3, chirashi set $6

Bara Chirashi Set

Diced, variety of fresh fish & veggies on a bed of sushi rice like jewel box. served w/chawan-mushi

  • $18.50

Tekka Chirashi Set

A variety of sliced tuna on a bed of sushi rice served w/chawan-mushi

  • $18.50

Sushi Mori Set

Assorted sushi chef’s choice

  • $15.00

Sushi Jo Set

Assorted sushi chef’s favorite cuts of the day

  • $25.00

Sushi Tokujo Set

A greater variety of assorted sushi of the finest cuts and quality

  • $35.00

Sashimi & Tempura Teishoku

Assorted sashimi & mixed tempura served w/small dish, soup, & rice

  • $25.00

Tokujo Sashimi

Variety of assorted sashimi ofthe finest cuts and quality perfect share plate for business lunch

  • $40.00

Today’s Lunch Special

Served w/2 small dishes, soup, & rice

  • $12.95

Saba Shioyaki Teishoku

Salt grilled boston mackerel served w/small dish, soup, & rice

  • $15.00

Katsu Don Set

Fried pork filet scrambled w/poached egg & onion

  • $12.00

Tem Don Set

2 prawn tempura on a bed of rice

  • $13.00

Cold Soba Or Udon

W/one topping

Tempura $13.00
Tororo $12.00

Hot Soup Udon Or Soba

W/one topping

Tempura $13.00
Tororo $12.00
Beef $13.00
Wakame $10.00
Kitsune $10.00

Lunch Bento Box

3 compartment bento box each filled with wild prawn & veggies tempura and fine cuts of sashimi and your choice of sushi (add $0.25), fried chicken, grilled salmon yu-an, eel kaba-yaki (add $2), fried oyster (add $1). served w/ miso soup, rice & pickeles

  • $12.95



Traditional Kaiseki Tasting

This meal emphasizes cooked dishes. beginning with the first course, the chef strikes up a conversation with you through food, offering a series of small plates that highlight the natural flavors of special ingredients at the height of their seasonal cycle. as the chef prepares each course, he employs a variety of japan’s most traditional cooking techniques, and strives for an almost spiritual simplicity and elegance in the presentation. he also brings a sense of whimsy to the meal, by creating contrasts between interesting tastes and textures, some of which will probably be new to you. as the meal progresses, the chef leads you to the centerpiece of the tasting, a platter called the “hassun” in japanese, which features an unusual combination of ingredients arranged to evoke a natural landscape in miniature. after this centerpiece dish, the chef eases you toward the end of your meal with several smaller, concluding dishes. this is the most traditional form of kaiseki dining in japan

Per Person $80.00

Sushi Tasting

This meal combines sushi with a variety of traditional kaiseki dishes, creating a unique approach to the enjoyment of these different aspects of japanese cuisine. by alternating between cooked dishes and sushi, the chef keeps your palate refreshed, curious, and open to the subtle flavors of our sushi offerings. at sushi taro, our chefs prepare sushi in the authentic style that became popular in old tokyo more than century ago, and that remains the most typical form eaten in japan today. this style is called “nigiri sushi” also known as “edo-mae sushi,” and it is characterized by small, hand-squeezed morsels that balance delicately seasoned rice, the freshest slivers of seafood, and a hint of wasabi, along with just a touch of our special house soy sauce. each piece should be bite-sized, and the seasonings should be light and should gently enhance the tastes of the fish and rice

Per Person $80.00

Suppon (soft Shell Turtle) Kaiseki Tasting

(Minimum of 2 orders per table) suppon,” or soft shell turtle, is considered to be the most elegant fare for soup. “suppon” was the favorite of imperial courts though out asia and of course was enjoyed by emperors at the kyoto imperial palace for centuries. according to archeological evidence, soft-shelled snapping turtles have been eaten in japan since at least the 1st century and the cuisine has history in china going back some 5,000 years. since ancient time the chinese considered “suppon” to be equivalent to medicine and the japanese adopted this belief as well. therefore, even today in japan, turtle is considered very high-quality food. the nutritional value of turtle is undisputed. today, japanese doctors recommend turtle stew for late stage cancer patients

Per Person $90.00

Surf ‘n’ Turf (wagyu & Lobster) Kaiseki Tasting

(Minimum of 2 orders per table) “Wagyu” is a breed of cattle naturally predisposed to produce beef that is densely marbled. In fact, Wagyu beef surpasses USDA marbling standards for prime-grade beef. Often referred to as the “Foie Gras of beef,” Wagyu has an exquisitely tender texture and incomparable, luxurious taste. You may already be familiar with the famed Japanese Kobe beef — the most expensive beef in the world. Wagyu is the same breed stock that yields the famed Kobe beef of Japan.

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A word from Sushi Taro

Sushi Taro is a first Japanese restaurant to feature a full course meal “KAISEKI” & Sushi Tasting course. We offer exceptionally high quality and an authentic variety of “Nigiri” style sushi. Our style is “Genuine Japanese Cuisine” and we do not serve fusion-confusion and Americanized Japanese foods. ***** We have ranked #36 in entire restaurant in U.S. on Forbs Magazine, 2012. ***** For more information about Sushi Taro and “KAISEKI”, please visit our website. Also follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for daily A la Carte menu and news updates.