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San Mateo – Landsdowne by Shea Homes – Plan 7

San Mateo – Landsdowne by Shea Homes – Plan 7

Plan 7

Plan 7
3 Bedrooms
2.5 Baths
2,353 Square Feet
Two Car Garage
Priced from $1,103,000

Local Map

local map_landowns

Bay Area Map


The first floor of this home features a spacious two car garage, large storage and private patio. The second floor boasts a large living room with adjoining deck and a kitchen with lots of counter space and beautiful island. The third floor features all the home’s bedrooms including several full bathrooms, a master bedroom plus master retreat and an open floor plan that allows for comfortable and convenient living space.

All plans are in preliminary stages and are subject to change.

Plan 7 - Floor 3


Plan 7 - Floor 1

Plan 7 - Floor 2


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