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Sold! Premium Vineyard Land In The Atlas Peak Appellation Napa Valley

Sold! Asking $1,395,000

  • 20.15 Acres Total
  • 12 Acres with Approved Erosion Protection Plan For Planting Vineyard (Slope 0 – 5 %)
  • In An Area Of Premium Bordeaux Varietal Vineyards
  • Well Produces Approx 40 +/- GPM (550 ft depth)
  • Rough Clearded in 2000
  • Potential Home / Estate Site
  • Potential Winery Site
  • Among The World Famous Atlas Peak Appellation
  • Break Ground Now

The Land

This property is located high above the Napa Valley floor in the Atlas Peak Appellation and sits in a unique plateau among the Vaca Mountain Range. There area is dotted with premium vineyards noted for producing high quality Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux Varietals. After climbing in altitude from the valley floor you reach this area of gentle slope where premium wine grape vines thrive. Soils are rocky and volcanic in origin, basaltic red in color and tending to be shallow and well-drained. The site is quiet, private and provides a panorama of the surrounding area including vineyards, greenery, mountains and hills. There is an approved erosion protection plan from Napa County for up to 12 acres of vineyard. The slope for this area is 0 – 5 % and the soil as rocky as some other properties in the area. The property was rough cleared of vegetation in 2000. Having the erosion protection plan in hand could save you years and many dollars in planting a vineyard. Throughout Napa County it is becoming more time consuming and expensive to plant new vineyards. Break ground now. There is also a well that is said to produce approximately 40 gallons per minute and was drilled to a depth of 500 feet.

The Location – Atlas Peak Appellation
The area contained in the Atlas Peak Appellation ranges from 760 – 2,663 ft above sea level and has approximately 1,500 acres of vineyard (less than 1/3 of a percent of all acreage planted in the Napa Valley.) The Atlas Peak Appellation is known for cool winters and warm dry summers, on average 10 degrees cooler than the valley floor. During the summer months this area is usually above the fog line and receives sun all day long. Though because of the size of the Appellation there is some variation among locations. The premier variety in the Atlas Peak Appellation is cabernet sauvignon, though other varietals grown in the region include merlot, cabernet franc, petit verdot, zinfandel, syrah, and chardonnay.