Talk Desk

Talk Desk

Call Center Software

All the benefits of enterprise-level call center software without the cost or hassle


Enterprise Level Call Center Functionality

Our enterprise level call control functionality will allow your agents to have more professional interactions. Agents can make and accept calls directly from the browser, landline or IP phone.

  • Advanced call controls: features like hold, call transfers, call conferencing and call monitoring presented in an intuitive interface, your agents can benefit from enterprise level functionality without the hassles of lengthy training regimens.
  • Route calls to the best available agent: our skills based routing algorithms redirect the call to the agent with the skills or specialized knowledge to effectively address the customer’s needs. Intelligent and flexible routing technology ensures that your agents are more effective and productive by leaving more flexible agents available for other calls.


Know the Entire History of the Caller

Talkdesk shows a complete view of the customer by pulling relevant information from the systems you use, social and business networking sites.

Information about the customer and prospect data including buying history, support tickets and all previous interactions with your company is presented in an intuitive interface.

  • Real-time information about the caller: your agents will never go into a call blind as they get information about the caller, even before answering the phone.
  • Review previous interactions: all previous calls, recordings, notes, cases and tickets are available as the phone rings so agents are well-informed before they answer the call.


Your Customers Will Never Have to Repeat Information

Agents will shorten call times and provide a more pleasant customer experience by eliminating the repetition of information between subsequent contacts and transferred calls.

  • Transfer calls between agents: seamlessly transfer calls to anyone in your company and the caller’s information will automatically be updated in the CRM and helpdesk so the next agent is informed.
  • Add notes and collaborate easily: agents can add and edit notes directly from the interface allowing for easy collaboration between agents and departments. Information is automatically synchronized with your systems ensuring that all agents are accessing accurate data.


One-click Integrations With Your Business Tools

Talkdesk compiles information from your company’s CRM, Helpdesk, back office solutions, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With readily available, relevant information, Talkdesk will increase your company’s productivity, eliminate omission of information and improve the customer experience.

  • Unified workspace: optimize your company’s workflow by eliminating the redundant action of opening and searching through multiple systems with the customer on the phone.
  • Talkdesk’s Integrations API: it allows companies to integrate with any back-office application. The information displayed when the customer calls can be customized to suit your business needs, providing opportunities to upsell, increase conversion rates and close more sales.


All Your Systems Updated – Automatically

Talkdesk automatically updates information into all integrated systems enabling teams to access comprehensive and accurate information without having to open multiple applications or re-enter redundant information. Leverage the functionality of your current software in one easy to use interface.

  • Two-way synchronization: information is continuously extracted from synchronized systems, so agents always have accurate, real-time information about the customers without having to manually input the data in multiple places.
  • Customize automation rules: define automation rules when an event happens. Automatically create new tickets when agents receive a new call, when a voicemail is received and when a call is missed.


Benefit from a Data Driven System

Talkdesk provides real-time analytics, historical reporting and call monitoring of live or recorded calls so managers can make intelligent business decisions based on comprehensive data.

Our elegant dashboard allows for a quick overview of real-time call center statistics, service level performance, detailed metrics and live monitoring of all calls.

  • Train and evaluate agents: ensure a positive customer experience and train your agents quickly by dropping in on live calls, listening to recorded calls and engaging in call conferencing when necessary.
  • Make intelligent business decisions: historical reports based on advanced charting and data transformation capabilities are presented in an intuitive dashboard. Make more informed decisions based on insightful information.