Motivational Speakers – Gary Vaynerchuk – US

Motivational Speakers – Gary Vaynerchuk – US

Motivational Speakers – Gary Vaynerchuk – US

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Born November 14, 1975 (age 37)
Known for Wine education, wine criticism, social marketing
Notable work(s) Wine Library TV

Gary Vaynerchuk (born November 14, 1975, in BabruyskU.S.S.R. [now Belarus]) is co-founder and CEO of a social media brand consulting agency, video blogger, co-owner and director of operations of a wine retail store, and an author and public speaker on the subjects of social mediabrand building and e-commerce[citation needed]. Vaynerchuk immigrated to the U.S. in 1978, and moved with his family to Edison, New Jersey.[1] After graduating from Mount Ida College in Newton, MA, transformed his father’s Springfield Township, Union County, New Jersey liquor store into a retail wine store named Wine Library,[2] and in 2006 started the video blogWine Library TV, a daily internet webcast on the subject of wine.

In August 2011, Vaynerchuk announced he would be stepping away from his daily wine video series to focus his attention on VaynerMedia, the social media brand consulting agency he co-founded in the Spring of 2009.

Wine Library TV (WLTV or The Thunder Show) (2006–2011) was a video podcast hosted by Vaynerchuk, featuring wine reviews and advice on wine appreciation. Episodes consisted of wine tastings along with other wine related topics. The show debuted on February 21, 2006, and was produced on a daily basis, on weekdays, and is taped in the Wine Library store in Springfield, New Jersey. Episodes taped Monday through Thursday usually took place on a desk in Vaynerchuk’s office, normally tasting three or four wines, and the Friday episode took place on Vaynerchuk’s office couch, tasting usually only one wine and answering questions submitted via his Facebook application Ask Gary. The show may be watched by 90,000 viewers.[3] Vaynerchuk appeared on the cover of the December 2008 issue of Mutineer Magazine, launching the “Mutineer Interview” series[citation needed].

After 1,000 episodes of Wine Library TV, the show was retired in March 2011,[4] replaced by a very similar video podcast called The Daily Grape, with a slightly shorter format of only two wine reviews, and fewer guests.

Vaynerchuk gives his impressions and finally rates wines using the 100-point scale. As an outspoken critic of numerical scores, he has acknowledged his hypocrisy in using them.[5][6]

While typically a one-man show, on occasion, guests have been featured in the program. To date celebrity guests include Jancis Robinson,[3] Heidi BarrettGeorge M. TaberKevin RoseMaynard James KeenanMichael Steinberger,Ingrid HoffmannTimothy FerrissJim Cramer of CNBC’s Mad MoneyKermit LynchWayne Gretzky, and Dick Vermeil.[7]

Vaynerchuk also partnered with, where he has released videos about wine, sometimes working with celebrities such as Anna Faris.

In March 2009, Wine Library TV was nominated in the Streamy Awards.

On August 23, 2011 he announced on Daily Grape that he was retiring from wine video blogging.[8]

Obsessed TV[edit source | editbeta]

Vaynerchuk teamed up with Samantha Ettus to create and produce Obsessed TV, a web talk show.[9] Together they interviewed 75 celebrities and notables, including Mark BittmanAl Roker, and Jill Stuart.[10] The format of the show was a 30-40 in-depth interview with Samantha Ettus followed by wine-focused 3-4 minutes with Vaynerchuk at the end.[11][12]

Crush It[edit source | editbeta]

In March 2009, Vaynerchuk signed a 10-book deal with HarperStudio for over $1,000,000 and released the first book, Crush It! Why Now is the Time to Cash in on your Passion, in October 2009. The deal is groundbreaking in the publishing world as one of the first attempts to successfully use a low-advance/high royalty business model.[13] In the first weeks of its release Crush It climbed to #1 on the Amazon Best Seller list for Web Marketing books. It also opened at #2 on the New York Times Hardcover Advice bestseller list and #7 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List[citation needed].[14]Crush It! was featured in ReadWriteCBS News, and Psychology Today.[15] [16] [17]

The book encourages people to determine what truly makes them happy and pursue monetizing around it on the internet. It argues that because of recent social and technological trends the cost of producing content has been driven low enough that passion, knowledge, and effort, which the book calls “sweat equity”, are now all one needs to build a brand and business.

Crush It was also among the first books released on the Vook platform.[18]

Vaynerchuk appeared in an episode of the CollegeHumor web series Jake and Amir in 2009, and parodied the nonsensical aspects of Crush It.

“The Thank You Economy”[edit source | editbeta]

In March 2011, Vaynerchuk released his follow-up to Crush It, in collaboration with HarperStudio, The Thank You Economy. This sophomore release in Vaynerchuk’s business book series focuses on the need for companies to adapt in the Internet era, where the empowerment of the common consumer has created a fundamental shift in how businesses are expected to behave.

“The Thank You Economy” landed Vaynerchuk again at #2 on the New York Times Hardcover Advice & Misc. Bestseller List, behind Suze Orman’s “Money Class.”

Awards and honors[edit source | editbeta]

  • 2003: Market Watch magazine Business Award: “Market Watch Leader” (youngest recipient ever)
  • 2006: People’s Choice Vloggie in the categories of “Cooking” and “Instructional/Educational”[31]
  • 2007: American Wine Blog Awards, Best Wine Podcast or Videoblog[32]
  • 2007: The Morning News‘s “Favorite Web Phenomenon, Soon-to-Be Culinary Celebrity, Web Bucket-Spitter”[33]
  • 2008: Bravo A-List Awards, 2008 Nominee for A-List Celebrity
  • 2011: The Wall Street Journal Twitter’s Small Business Big Shots [34]

Bibliography[edit source | editbeta]

  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s 101 Wines: Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World (2008)
  • Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion (2009)
  • The Thank You Economy (2011)
  • Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook (2013)