Motivational Speaker – Brig Hart

Motivational Speaker – Brig Hart

Motivational Speaker – Brig Hart


As a young man in Jacksonville, Florida, Brig enjoyed the carefree life of a surfer whose youthful excesses frequently put him in trouble with local authorities. After a stint in the Marines, a deal worked out with a judge, Brig and his brother open a surf shop on a shoestring budget. They were poor defined and embodied.

Then a series of events unfolded that transformed Brig’s personal and spiritual life, and his business fortunes. While some felt that Amway was yesterday’s news, Brig started a marketing company that became one of the largest independent sales and marketing machines in Amway history. Tens of thousands of people attended his events. Famous people challenged the audience from Brig’s stage. Inspired to never give up, many of Brig’s team became wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

A few years later, Brig and Lita, his wife and partner, felt it was time to “dig a new well”. It was time reflect. On a quest for personal health Brig discovered a little known fruit and berry beverage manufactured in Utah named MonaVie. Convinced of the quality and benefits of the product he created R3Global, a sales and marketing company to support his distributors and associates. The goal was to teach, train, motivate and inspire them to be effective and productive. In just over three years the Harts built one of the largest organizations in direct sales history. They recruited over 1 million distributors and created over 1 Billion in sales.

Brig and Lita helped create two, non-profit 501 (c) 3 organizations ministering to tens of thousands of distributors and associates, while supporting many orphans, widows and families in Brazil. R3Global continues to provide a total support system that directs folks to experience “Ultimate Success” in Body, Soul and Spirit. People look to Brig for leadership and inspiration as they pursue their dreams of success with R3Global and MonaVie. This is the first autobiographical book and the first book to tell this incredible success story.


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