Motivational Speaker – Bob Reina

Motivational Speaker – Bob Reina

Motivational Speaker – Bob Reina



Bob Reina—a former police officer—is the Founder & CEO of the Video Communication Products company, Talk Fusion, and a respected community leader.

Dedicated to “helping speak for those who cannot speak for themselves,” Bob is a well-known advocate for homeless companion animals and a committed supporter of animal charities. Bob believes every person holds within them the potential for both great success and great compassion.

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Those words, forming an adage so direct and true it has outlived the memory of whoever first said it, aptly and eloquently sum up Bob Reina’s approach to life. The longtime resident of Florida’s Tampa Bay area has made it a point of pride to create his own opportunities, with admirable results.

From his years as a police officer, through his early days as an innovative, forward-thinking relationship marketing entrepreneur, to his current status as the Founder and CEO of globally influential Video Communication Company Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has charted his own path. He has managed to strike a satisfying balance between financial success, personal passions and commitment to his communities—the communities in his own backyard, and the ones that stretch halfway around the world.

Whenever his ideas and ambitions take him, Bob Reina endeavors to contribute to the quality of life of those around him, whether helping provide safety for his hometown or offering both efficient, productive Video Communication Products and moneymaking opportunities to motivated individuals worldwide. And the unbelievable growth of Talk Fusion has only allowed him to give back more.

After earning a degree in Criminology with High Honors from the University of South Florida and graduating first in his class (with an Award of Merit) from the Police Academy, Bob Reina served his community as a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy. During that time, he was introduced to the principles of relationship marketing and recognized the potential for someone with the right ideas and work ethic to achieve the freedom to lead the life of his choosing. What started as a part-time side business gradually became the focus of Bob Reina’s energy, and when, in 2004, he wanted to send a Video Email and was told by his Internet Service Provider that it couldn’t be done, he knew he had the basis and direction for the next phase of his career.

In 2007, Bob Reina launched Talk Fusion. Fanned by his infectious enthusiasm, the company’s cutting-edge Video Email Product and unique approach to the relationship marketing dynamic quickly caught fire, and Talk Fusion now offers an exciting array of Video Communication Products—including the World’s First Video Newsletter—and has Associates in more than 140 countries.

The success of Talk Fusion has enabled Bob Reina to give back on a number of levels. As an ardent animal lover, he sits on the Board of Directors of The Humane Society of Tampa Bay, and has received numerous commendations from them for his charity work. In 2011, Bob pledged ONE MILLION DOLLARS to build the Talk Fusion Animal Health Center, a state-of-the-art facility that now provides low-cost, full-service animal healthcare to the Tampa Bay community. Bob Reina is also the only person to have received a Special Recognition Award from the Hillsborough County Commission for his efforts. Since 2002, Bob has contributed funds to feed and provide presents to over 350 children at the Africa Sinomusa Foundation’s Annual Holiday Event. He has also purchased several K-9 dogs for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department and continues to work with law enforcement agencies to support them in their community efforts.

On a larger scale, businessmen and women the world over are inspired by his ideas and example, and Talk Fusion’s groundbreaking suite of Video Communication Products enable tens of thousands to seek financial independence, share their own concepts, and interact with distant friends and loved ones in exciting and impactful ways.