Motivational Speaker –  Kevin Abdulrahman

Motivational Speaker – Kevin Abdulrahman

Motivational Speaker –  Kevin Abdulrahman


Ten Reasons Why YOU Should Book Kevin Abdulrahman

As one of the hottest keynote speakers on the global circuit and better known to many as The Man Inspiring Millions, Kevin Abdulrahman is a recognized and frequently requested motivational and leadership speakers of our time. Why? Because he is RELEVANT
Motivational Speaker

  • With thousands of conferences and events taking place across the globe, how are you standing out in the mind of your audience? How are you ensuring that your message is delivered? How are you engaging your audience? A lot of time, money and resources is spent organizing conferences and events. And the last thing you would want is to have your audience to eager and excited about ‘lunch’ We know you want more. Your audience deserve more. And we can give you more. More on why you should have Kevin Abdulrahman as your Conference Speaker
  • Now more than ever, leading countries, cities, governments, companies, associations and groups are aware that Leadership Development is no longer an option. It is a requirement. The investment made in grooming and constantly refining your human capital will be the only true edge you will possess in a globally competitive climate. Read more on having Kevin Abdulrahman work with your group Leadership Development
  • Let’s first establish a simple reality by asking a few important questions. What is the value of employee motivation to you? What is it worth to have a motivated team? What would it cost you to have an unenthused, unmotivated and unfocussed team? Kevin Abdulrahman is a speaker who is often requested to deliver the relevant message with impact and enhance morale boost and motivation of employees to set, achieve and surpass their targets. More on Employee Motivation
  • Knowledge alone is not enough. The youth of today live in a world of unbound knowledge accessibility. Yet, many are lost, overwhelmed and are yet to realise the unbound potential that is within them. The youth of today connect with Kevin Abdulrahman because they see him as someone who is just like them. They connect. They listen. They give permission to Get Inspired, Get Informed & Get Going!!! More on having Kevin Abdulrahman speak as your school, college or university Youth Motivational Speaker