Motivational Speakers – Tony Lucero

Motivational Speakers – Tony Lucero

Motivational Speakers – Tony Lucero



Tony and Rhonda Lucero reside in Lincoln Nebraska, USA with their 2 sons Kaleb 18 and Tony Zen 9, and daughter Kamryn 16. They started with ViSalus in 2006 and today they are among the top 5 income earners in the company.  They were the fourth in the history of ViSalus to achieve the rank of 5 star Ambassadors and now have reached the position of Royal Ambassador position that only 5 others have reached.

Estimated earnings for the couple as of July 2012 – $150,000 per month. As Co-Founding members of the Body By Vi Challenge, Tony and Rhonda has helped thousands transform their health in dramatic fashion.  Their drive is now to help others discover how to make a living and a difference while they make a living.

Rhonda grew up as an athlete. She lettered in track, basketball and fast pitch softball in high school and went on to get a softball scholarship to the University of Nebraska.  Her love for competition shows as she continually challenges herself and those around to “go for it” in life.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle became a priority and finding the perfect nutrition company to help keep her active lifestyle in tact made Visalus a perfect fit.

Tony a few years after his Honorable Discharge from the Air Force, discovered the power residual income and went on to become a top producer in two direct sales companies and one of the top trainer consultants in the direct sales space.  Tony for 9 years became one of the world’s most sought after comedy stage hypnotists and found his real love on the stage empowering others to become entrepreneurs. He fired himself as a hypnotist in 2011 and now speaks in front of thousands monthly promoting life transformations with Visalus.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview Tony and Rhonda.

Tony and Rhonda, how did you got involved in Network Marketing, is ViSalus your first experience?

We both have had several experiences as does everyone.  Tony was taught that if you want to become the best you need to be in the front of the room and find good mentors. His first company was back when he was 19 while still in the Air Force.  “My $42.00 residual check was a real eye opener to residual income.  In just a few days we are receiving a $500,000 bonus check on stage in front of 20k people.

My belief in what this industry can do for someone that doesn’t ever quit and keeps believing is now more evident in everything we do.  Rhonda is new to the industry but has a slew of skill sets that have made her one of the #1 trainers in the industry.

She has a become a master at social media and now travels the country offering her knowledge on how to incorporate Facebook and Twitter to massively build her ViSalus business.  Rhonda says, ” I am very grateful for our accomplishments but I am even more grateful to be in a position to help others.  I used to sweat and get nervous speaking with the idea of getting in front of a room to speak. This industry has given me the courage to get in front in 15k people and just rock it!”

Why were you interested in MLM as a business model?

This model is about personal development.  No other industry rewards and recognizes people more than this style of business. The more you develop as a person the more income you can earn. This industry celebrates victories not matter how big or small.  The most amazing thing you can witness is the growth of someone that was afraid but now can share their story and change the lives of others.

Once you get the residual income bug, no other income matters.