Motivational Speaker – Tom Schreiter

Motivational Speaker – Tom Schreiter

Motivational Speaker – Tom Schreiter


Tom “Big Al” Schreiter is a legend in network marketing. In over 30 years in the business, he has created more successful network marketers than any other single individual. Under the name of “Big Al”, he’s authored and sold more books than anyone, and his travel and speaking schedule (once described as 397 days a year) has Tom meeting, learning about and teaching more networkers around the world than anyone else as well. John Fogg has called him The Greatest Networker in the World, because, well, he is. Tom provides many free training resources at his websites here: and

Successful network marketing…it is not what you say; it is in the magical sequence of words that you use.   Knowing the correct sequence of words to use when talking with a prospect or potential customer; according to tomlydTom Big Al Schreiter is a skill that you must master if you ever hope have success.

World renowned  Industry Trainer,Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, shared at a live workshop that we had the privilege to attend, a study that was done to find out how people go about making decisions.  Researchers found  all  decisions are made by the subconscious mind and it does it within 7 seconds!

With all of its intelligence the conscious mind is as dumb as a brick and about the size of a pea.  On the other hand  the subconscious mind  is beyond huge.  All of our thoughts are stored in the subconscious mind.  It does not matter where they began, all of our memories and childhood lessons are stored there, all of the lessons that we have learned throughout our life span are all held in the subconscious mind.   This is the part of our brain that makes ALL the decisions in life for us.

Big Al set out to prove to the disbelievers amongst us that the subconscious mind makes all the decisions.  He used this phrase, ”Would you be interested in…”   Tom had not even finished asking the question and our  subconscious minds had already made a decision and closed out any further communication.

The old language of selling  “Would you be interested…” needs  to be replaced.   Not only in our network marketing but also work in our day to day relationships.

Tom Schreiter suggests this… “replace this phrase with a sequence of words that will allow the subconscious mind, the decision maker, to be open to what we have to say, that is what we want after all isn’t it?”   Instead of using ‘Would you be interested’, replace it with  “Would it be okay if…”, when the subconscious mind hears this sequence of words it is always willing to go along with what you have to say next, as long as it is logical, not illegal or harmful to one’s self or others.  You’re asking permission, offering an option, this takes the pressure off.  There is just one rule, the shorter the statement the better; remember the subconscious makes up its mind in 7 seconds!

Here are some examples of Tom’s Schreiter’s Magic Sequences of Words.

Would it be okay if…

  • I showed you how to get your car payment paid for every month?
  • You could loose weight eating cookies.
  • I could show you how to save money on your electric bill?
  • you worked 6weeks and got paid for 7?
  • You could looked 10 years younger when you wake?
  • I showed you how to earn an extra $1000 a month?

Would it be ok if you stop by for the next instalment of Tom Big Al Schreiter’s Magic Sequences of Words in Part 2…coming right up.

If you are like the majority of Network Marketers, then you are always looking to learn new skills and obtain more knowledge for yourself or to pass along to your team.

Learning what to say and do can change how you conduct your business and move you towards a life of freedom!