Motivational Speaker – Wolfram Andes

Motivational Speaker – Wolfram Andes

Motivational Speaker – Wolfram Andes


Success coach and best selling author

Degree in computer science (FH)
Network Marketing expert
Listed in the KfW Consultant Exchange
Bldg 1965, father, 2 sons
True success is a happy and satisfied life!

As a success coach, I support you personally is to achieve big goals with peace and ease. This is primarily to provide a high quality of life and life in abundance on all levels. Because a lot of money alone is still no guarantee of happiness and satisfaction.

Find in coaching your life, your inner stability and lay the foundation for a happy life.

Every change starts with ourselves

Since 1995, over 10,000 celebrities, businesses and universities have relied on my experience as a coach.
many people were able to bring more happiness and success in their lives.

My clients range from large companies such as Deutsche Post, on financial services companies to international distributors.
My clients include the most successful networkers in Europe.

In 2004 I had the “specialist publisher for personal growth – Wolfram Andes” was founded and since then over half a million own books and CD’s sold.

About 42,000 people regularly read my success newsletter – and it is growing every day.

Excerpt from my training:

Mastery University USA / Hawaii / London (A. Robbins, General Norman Schwarzkopf, Dr. J. Gray) A. Robbins is a private consultant as of: Bill Clinton, Andre Agassi, Michael Gorbachev, Pamela Anderson …
NLP Practitioner (Power Research Seminars Bonn)
Autogenic training (Dipl. Psych D. Powder Bach)
Yoga training
Hypnosis Training
Moderation & Presentation (Siegfried W. Kartmann)
Unleash the Power within – Free the internal force (Anthony Robbins)
Voice training & performance (Thomas Westernhausen)
Thinking big (Brian Tracy)
Rhetoric (grandson Nicholas man)
Body Language (Samy Molcho)
Management / leadership (Tom McCarthy – Coach and Trainer for Cisco, Disney, AT & T …)
and much more