Motivational Speaker – Bob Crisp

Motivational Speaker – Bob Crisp

Motivational Speaker – Bob Crisp


Born in Kansas Bob is the son of a Baptist minister.  He showed leadership early in his life taking over as the leader of his father’s church ministries at the age of 16,

He majored in journalism and drama in high school and college and has a natural talent for communications.  His easy going stage manner is both humorous and poignant.  Drawing on actual experience Bob relates to his audience… the struggles, frustrations and exhileration are apparent as Bob outlines his commitment to rising out of his circumstances to become one of America’s premier speakers, writers and business coaches.

Bob began his network marketing career with Amway and in four short, explosive, years built an organization numbering over 200,000 people.

Bob is semi-retired and lives in Southern California near his family that now includes 3 beautiful granddaughters Montana, Kendall, and Regan.  He is available for a limited number of speaking engagements per year.

Welcome to the website of Bob Crisp, well-known and world renowned businessman, author, and platform teacher… Bob has become known as “The Professor” for his skills at breaking the most complex marketing and team-building techniques down in easy pieces and make them seem simple to do.

33 years of successful business building… millions of dollars in earned commissions, 26 million audio tapes sold… two best-selling books in print… a live audience of hundreds of thousands… today an industry icon and legend… now you can have Bob Crisp’s books on CDs, ebooks, or in paperback…

With the introduction of my new book “Bridge to Belief” and newly edited books  “Raising a Giant” and “Feeding a Giant” I am offering key people in the industry the opportunity to partner with me as we strive to succeed.