Motivational Speaker –  Jordan Adler

Motivational Speaker – Jordan Adler

Motivational Speaker –  Jordan Adler


Jordan Adler is one of the most successful Network marketing experts and motivational speakers in the industry today.

In relatively few years, he has amassed a multimillion dollar fortune that allows him to live his dreams.

It is those dreams that inspired him to write his beast-selling book “Beach Money,’ which teaches readers how to build a passive income through marketing that allows you to make money even when you aren’t actively working.

Though he lives and breathes network marketing, Jordan divides his downtime between his two favorite spots, the beach and the mountains; travel and running are two of his passions.

He’s based in Las Vegas, but owns homes in Chicago and spends an equal amount of time in his home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Jordan Adler’s Early Life

Not much is known about Jordan’s early life, except that his history of being the boy who always gets picked last inspired him to always reach out to others.

Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler

It also caused him to place his emphasis on team building through networking and creating solid relationships. He’s often said that he gives for the joy of giving.

Jordan wasn’t an immediate success in his business life and he experienced a lot of false starts.

Once he found the key to making his methods of reaching people work, he slowly built an empire that has netted him a yearly salary in excess of $2,000,000 and the ability to live life on his terms. “Beach Money” is a phrase he uses to describe living that kind of life.

Reaching the Top

Jordan Adler’s successes as both a network marketing expert and a motivational speaker have earned him a top reputation within the industry.


Jordan AdlerFlying on Private Jet

He was one of the marketing experts featured in the first book of “The Greatest Networkers in the World” series that tells the inspirational stories behind network marketing’s biggest star players.

That’s some testament to the success story of a little boy who was perpetually picked last in gym class.

He currently has an estimated 60,000 people under him on his networking team and he continues to travel throughout the United States and Canada, visiting team members and inspiring them and everyone he comes into contact with to new heights of success.

When asked about the secret to his own success, he often replies “Letting go.”

It’s his philosophy that you give your team members what they need to know to be successful and then stand back and watch them soar.

However, he is always available to his team when they need support and motivation.

His Influence in the Industry

Jordan is in high demand as a speaker and has earned the respect of his peers.

As one of the “Master Mind Sessions” featured lecturers, he’s able to reach and inspire millions more people than face-to-face alone.

Those who’ve listened to the recorded media and attended his lectures in person have come away with a whole new mindset about the possibilities in their life.

That is among the first lessons he teaches: Recognize the possibilities.

He sees the Internet as a training tool, not as a substitute for good, old-fashioned methods of recruiting.

He is proof that simplicity is the key to reaching and teaching others.

Zoe A. Morris, a network marketing leader, has said of Mr. Adler: “Jordan Adler is one of the most charismatic speakers that I have ever listened to and learned from.” and “He gives of himself without reservation.”

He is known as a smart, honest, and straight-forward guy who will give you the real deal about how to make a success in the network marketing industry.

He uses his wisdom and experience to cut through the filler and gets to the meat of how to live a fulfilling life.