Motivational Speaker – Michael Strachowitz

Motivational Speaker – Michael Strachowitz

Motivational Speaker – Michael Strachowitz



” I like the people and firmly believe,
that my audience can achieve anything! “

Michael Strachowitz

The man himself

Michael Strachowitz, who has produced numerous audio and video programs as well as a book, began his network marketing career in 1977 by the German daughter company of the world’s largest company in this branch, a title it still holds today.


In just 5 years he and his wife Gabriele built up a sales organisation reaching across Europe, which ultimately boasted over 20 000 full and part time sales partners.


In 1982 he achieved the highest level on this company’s sales system, earning the title of “crown ambassador”. He was therefore a member of a small elite of just three distribution partners who have so far reached this level in Germany. Up until today, this performance has only been matched by two other executives in Germany.


Since the end of the 80s M. Strachowitz has enjoyed the fruits of his labours building up the organisation and since then has worked as a corporate adviser, specialist trainer, speaker and coach focusing on direct distribution, network marketing and structured marketing. He has been particularly committed to the topics of communication, rhetoric, success training and talent development.


He has been on numerous lecture tours, in Germany and abroad, and has passed his know how on to the new generation of freelance workers in network marketing, direct sales as well as in structured distribution in the financial services sector. Thousands of distribution partners in 14 countries in Europe have profited from his gripping lectures and well-informed, subject-relevant seminars. He lectures both in his mother tongue, German, and in English. Whether in a large hall, or small seminar room, whether there are 15000 people in the hall, as in the Westfalenhalle in

Dortmund, or just 15 participants in an interactive workshop in a secluded seminar hotel, Michael Strachowitz consistently succeeds in responding to the audience and its particular characteristics.


Europe’s leading companies and organisations in this industry are amongst his clients. As a personal coach, he has accompanied some of the branch’s most famous leading lights on their way to the top. Have a look at the list of references – barely any company of importance on the market is missing.


Michael Strachowitz knows the branch and its mechanisms like scarcely anyone else. His focus is on the long-term aspects of the business. He is not interested in what the “super stars” who rise up quickly in the business make after a short time. He wants to know whether their success is sustainable and long-term. For this reason, his message is not for those who see network marketing as a tool to simply get rich quickly and at the expense of others.


He is of the firm belief that this sales system is a wonderful opportunity for all those who strive for a better and more successful like and who are prepared to work hard and make a sustained effort to achieve this goal.


From his own experience he knows that an organisation that is constructed solidly can be a bubbling source of lucrative income for decades.


His refreshing humour and knowledge of people makes every one of his appearances an incomparable experience. But at those times when he brings matters to a sharp head, one thing is clear:

He likes people and is of the firm belief that every member of his audience can achieve all.