Motivational Speaker – Pa Joof

Motivational Speaker – Pa Joof

Motivational Speaker – Pa Joof


Pa Joof
International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer, Success Coach and Social Entrepreneur
Rotterdam Area, Netherlands Education Management
Current : Wealth Institute, Success Now! Coaching, Inspired Training BV
Previous : Foot Locker
Education : Wealth Institute

Pa is Social Entrepreneur, International Keynote Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Success Coach. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, celebrities , government institutions and CEO’s.

From living in a household with 30 other people and sharing a bedroom with his Mum, Dad and younger brother, to training and teaching over 100,000 people worldwide, Pa Joof’s life has been anything but ordinary.

His success speaks for itself. Under Pa’s guidance, his clients have created businesses that have generated several million pounds of revenue in just 6 months. Pa runs a total of 10 companies that operate in 9 different countries. Impressive especially for a man who’s still in his 30s; a man who swept floors in order to pay his way through university.

Gambia is among Africa’s smallest, poorest nations. It’s an unlikely setting for the birth of a multi-national business mogul. Pa was born in the UK to illegal immigrants. When he was a child, his family was forced to return to Gambia, where the entire family lived in a single room for nearly a decade.

At age of 17, he brought his 12-year-old brother back to the UK, determined to make a better life for himself and his family. Pa put his brother in school, while he worked as a cleaner to support himself and his brother, all the while attending university. Failure simply was not an option. He achieved his goal of financial independence at the young age of 30 – just 13 years after leaving Gambia.

Pa possesses the unique ability to connect with individuals, revealing their best qualities and attributes. He is one of the global Elite Trainers with Robbins Research International, founder of a number of businesses, head trainer at Inspired Training and a board member of the Wealth Institute, highly successful international education businesses.

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Described as “one of the most authentic leaders of the 21 century!” Pa’s unique style of connecting with his audience is not just electrifying but also highly compelling in creating desired results. He is one of the elite Trainers for Robbins Research International (and recently awarded the Best Overall Trainer by the organization) Pa Joof has worked with the very best individuals and institutions in the personal development industry, including Barron University, Success Resources, Peak Potentials, Rich Dad, Sales Partners, Oneness Movement and Robbins Research International.

His own story is a direct reminder and demonstration of the power of the mind to overcome repeated disappointment and challenges to ultimately succeed. Through these experiences, Pa has helped thousands of people in overcoming fear and developing a ferocious attitude for success.

Pa is a key visionary of the Making it Happen Now Foundation. Working with young people and communities, to give them the greatest possible opportunities .