Motivational Speaker –  Paul Zane Pilzer

Motivational Speaker – Paul Zane Pilzer

Motivational Speaker –  Paul Zane Pilzer


Biography of Paul Zane Pilzer

Wharton in fifteen months at age 22. At age 24, he was appointed adjunct professor at New York University, where he taught for twenty consecutive years. While employed as Citibank’s youngest officer at age 22 and its youngest vice president at age 25, Pilzer started several entrepreneurial businesses-earning his first $1 million before age 26 and his first $10 million before age 30. Over the past twenty years, Pilzer has started and/or taken public five companies in the areas of software, education and financial services.

He was an appointed economic advisor in two presidential administrations and warned of the impending $200-billion savings and loan crisis years before official Washington was willing to listen-a story that he later told in the book Other People’s Money which was critically acclaimed by the New York Times and The Economist magazine.

In Unlimited Wealth Pilzer explains how we live in a world of unlimited physical resources because of rapidly advancing technology and how to prosper in this environment. After reading this book, the late Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, said that he was “amazed at Pilzer’s business capacity” and his “ability to put it into layman’s terms.” Pilzer’s methods for predicting and managing technological change have been widely adopted by many of the world’s leading corporations.

In The Theology of Economics–God Wants You To Be Rich, Pilzer explains how the foundation of our economic system is based on our religious heritage. This New York Times business bestseller was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal and on television shows ranging from 60 Minutes to First Person with Maria Shriver. It has been published in 18 languages.

Pilzer’s recent bestsellers The Next Trillion and The Wellness Revolution expose our trillion-dollar food and medical industries and identify a newly emerging “wellness” industry that will soon occupy an additional one-seventh, or “next trillion,” of our economy.

A former commentator on National Public Radio and CNN, Professor Pilzer has appeared three times on the Larry King Live! television program and on the cover of several national magazines. He speaks live each year to tens of thousands of people, and more than 20 million audio and video copies of his speeches have been sold.

He lives in Utah with his wife and three children where they are avid snowboarders, mountain bikers and chess players.

Paul Zane Pilzer ( has served as an economic advisor to two presidents and is the best-selling author of many books, including Unlimited Wealth, The Wellness Revolution and The Next Millionaires. Pilzer has started several entrepreneurial companies, becoming a millionaire before age 26. His new audio program, The Entrepreneurial Challenge, offers a template to find your entrepreneurial destiny and 10 business plans to help you succeed in today’s market.