Motivational Speaker – Nathan Ricks

Motivational Speaker – Nathan Ricks

Motivational Speaker – Nathan Ricks


Nathan Ricks is a renowned businessman, entrepreneur and motivational speaker whose organizations and business ventures have considerable impact in the U.S. and all over the world. Nathan has earned more than $40 million dollars in commissions as a network marketing professional in the past 20 years. He has developed a worldwide sales organization called One Team Global that has in excess of 500,000 distributors in over 43 countries and has held the position of a Team Elite Member of Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. since 1989.

Nathan married Joyce Tillotson on April 12, 1983, they have four daughters.

In March of 2002, Ricks sold Worldwide Nutritional Sciences to Nu Skin Enterprises. This sale resulted in NSE being the owner of worldwide license rights to the Bio-Photonic Scanner, a new device that allowed for the non-invasive testing of antioxidants in living human tissue for the first time ever.

Nathan created an independent distributor force of 100,000 representatives in 24 months. From 1989 to Present, Ricks has held the position of a Team Elite Member of Nu Skin Enterprises, Ricks has developed a worldwide sales organization called One Team Global (OTG) that has in excess of 500,000 distributors in 43 countries. One Team Global is responsible for the movement of over $600,000,000 in Nu Skin/Pharmanex products annually.
Nathan was also instrumental in the launch of Nu Skin Japan where it achieved the highest first year sales of any foreign company in Japan’s history. Year 1 sales: $135 million.

Ricks has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. In addition to the foregoing, other notable achievements include:

  • Creating the sales video “Catching the Wave” that sold over 3 Million copies • Creating the 1st Global Internet Broadcast Network delivering sales and training content to a worldwide audience weekly at zero cost to the recipients.
  • Holding the largest “live” telephone conference call with AT&T’s MultiPoint Satellite linked Conference call system in 1991. Maxed out the system capacity of 10,000 callers.
  • Hosting a nationwide live conference call for sales associates weekly since 1995.
  • Creating the “Health Report for the 90’s” video and “Real People” Video both of which sold hundreds of thousands of copies in the USA.
  • Creating the “Right Place, Right Time, Right Now” Audio tape series which has sold over 2 million copies in 8 years.

Eric Worre interviewed Nathan Ricks. In this interview Eric asked him what were some of the things he got a chance to do that a number of other people don’t get to try and do. One of those things was to get to live where he wanted to live and not in a metropolis. His favorite thing to do is that he has become a pilot and is into flying. He had a goal to fly his own airplane, but he also bought a jet that he uses to get around the country to do presentations.

Nathan mentioned an intriguing quote, “network marketing done wrong is a nightmare, network marketing done right is a fairly tale”. You’ve got to find the way that it is done right. Eric asked Nathan what he would say to the people who are perpetuating the negative misconceptions in the marketplace and Nathan said, “I hate ‘em, they ruin a great industry, they ruin what can be the greatest industry and its unfortunate and its up to us in the industry to expose that”.

Undoubtedly Nathan Ricks recognizes the meaning and practice of sacrifice, discipline, focus and faithfulness he talked about openly from his heart what drives him to be prosperous: His family his faith together with a desire to be the very best he can and to help others reach their best. Nathan most certainly exemplifies the characteristics that have made him successful. He leaves clear foot prints in the sand for others to implement.

Eric asked him what makes him so special and why he has made $40 million? He said that he is no different than anybody else. He said the difference is that:

1, you have to know how to focus on one thing and:
2, you have to know how to commit.

Then just stay consistent in that dedication. He also went on to say ” you have to put blinders on like a horse, Focus on one objective and be absolutely consistent every day”. Nathan says that people don’t know what it means to commit or what it looks like.

Both of them agreed that the lottery mentality is what people who are not committed have. Nathan said…”that may work in a pyramid scheme, but not with what we do”. The idea that you have to “get in early” is the lottery mentality. Nathan said he would not even look at a company unless it was 5 years old.

Nathan mentioned getting together with the intentions of your compensation plan and focusing on people. You have to continue to be focused through all of the craters in road of life. You can’t just go hard for a week and then get off track.

“We need to know the key and expect that most people are going to quit”.

He said half the people can’t even keep the main commitment of marriage. He said most people can’t focus and can’t be consistent.

He used a clock analogy that some people are at 12 o’clock and they are ready, some are at 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 11 o’clock. He said when he recruits that he is going to talk to enough people so that he is going to find the ones who are at 12 o’clock. These are the people who are ready and that he can work with.

You can’t make someone be at 12 ‘clock you have to find them. He also said that everyone gets to 12 o’clock at some time in their life. This is why you keep them on your list and come back to them in 6 months or so.