Motivational Speaker -. Richard Brooke

Motivational Speaker -. Richard Brooke

Motivational Speaker -. Richard Brooke


Richard Bliss Brooke is a 35-year veteran of the Network Marketing profession, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, and the owner of two Network Marketing companies.

If thousands of people have found the secret to success, then it’s got to be self-motivation.
In 1977, Richard had four years under his belt chopping chickens at Foster Farms, the single largest chicken processing plant in the world. With only 36 years until retirement, at the age of 22, he made the decision to change course; he joined the ranks of the Network Marketing profession. It took him three years to make a living at it. He quit 100 times in his first year and watched thousands around him quit.

Then, it just started to work- three years later, he had 30,000 active partners building the business with him. In the early 1980s, at the age of 28, he was earning $40,000 a month. He made his first million before the age of 30, advancing him to the top sales-leader position in a marketing organization made up of more than 250,000 sales people. At 31, he became that company’s Executive Vice President. At the age of 33, he accepted the opportunity to “turn around” a struggling Network Marketing company, which he did. He later became CEO of this company; a role he still holds today.

In March 1992, at age 37, SUCCESS magazine featured Richard and his company on its cover. This was the first time a mainstream business magazine featured Network Marketing in a positive light. At that time, this issue outsold every issue in SUCCESS magazine’s almost 100-year history. He has since continued to earn millions and has coached tens of thousands to earn $500 to $50,000 a month, and more.

“Network Marketing, or Multi-Level Marketing, is NOT what some people like to call “just a compensation plan.” We are an unique community within the Direct Selling Industry. We are a community and culture of building empires of multiple levels of sales representatives, on which we expect to be paid forever. We are not looking for another sales job. We have had those.

The shared vision of Network Marketers could be this: To bring a new paradigm of abundance and wealth building into existence so that most people…

Understand how and why Network Marketing could work for them.
Admire and respect those who succeed,just as they admire those who succeed in equities, real estate and small business.
Trust the business model based on our ethics, our candor, our commitment to build trust and respect.
And have one primary Network Marketing business, in which they are building residual income.”



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In 2012, he would have been retiring from Foster Farms, had he stuck it out, and his life would have been different. Instead, he has traveled to every state in the country at least twice, every province and territory of Canada, and over 20 fascinating countries. He has built incredible relationships with thousands of people from all over the world, and had incredible successes, as well as his share of mind-bending failures. His best friends in the world are still his high school buddies, and his favorite place in the world is still home.