Motivational Speaker – Alex Morton

Motivational Speaker – Alex Morton

Motivational Speaker – Alex Morton


Alex Morton, from Tempe, Arizona, USA has reached the $90,000+ per month mark with his Vemma distributorship..

Alex has 14,000 active members in his organization, 12 people on his team are 6 figure income earners.

Have you ever heard the term starving student? Well Arizona State University student Alex Morton has brought that cliché to its knees. At just 21 years old Alex is doing what only a few have the foresight to do — he’s creating a plan to attain total financial freedom. And it was all thanks to a trip to a Phoenix Suns game. “I got introduced to Vemma® through one of my dad’s good friends, Marty Wewerka. We watched the Suns game from the Verve Energy Lounge and the next day I wound up at Vemma Home Office. It was one of the best decisions of my life,” recalls Alex. At the time Alex was introduced to Vemma, he got his income working in real estate while maintaining the heavy load that comes with being a full-time student.

Even though he was doing well in real estate, he was intrigued with the Vemma opportunity because the products resonated with him. “The lifestyle you live as a college student is fast paced. You work on little sleep because you’re always on the go. Before I was introduced to Verve, I probably drank two energy drinks a day even though they were unhealthy and high in sugar and caffeine,” said Alex. Being introduced to Verve was just the beginning of amazing things to come for Alex.

Alex also knew early on that he did not want to be a part of the 9 to 5 rat race that many college graduates so willingly enter. Alex couldn’t stomach putting his future in someone else’s hands. “Brad Alkazin tacks job applications on my wall to Jack in the Box and Burger King to keep me motivated,” said Alex. So like a true entrepreneur, he decided to pave his own way by becoming a Brand Partner at Vemma. And he’s not aiming small. “I promised Tom and BK that I would be the second youngest person to go Elite in Vemma,” Alex said. In fact, by 2012 Convention he wants to have helped his team reach Diamond or above. His plan is to ensure his team will be driving at least 10 Platinum BMW’s around ASU’s campus next fall. That’s why his group is hustling non-stop.

For Alex, this drive for success was instilled in him early on. He was taught by his parents how to motivate, help, manage and truly inspire people. His mom ran a multi-million dollar company and his dad owned a very successful insurance company. Seeing them both retire early with total financial security truly inspired Alex to always reach higher and never settle for mediocrity.

To have been taught so many life lessons was a blessing for Alex. His dad had him reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in middle school and he’s also studied Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor and other personal development coaches. Early on Alex learned that the only way to be wealthy in mind, body and spirit is to work for yourself and build your own empire. Aware that you can’t wait for things to happen, you have to make them happen. Alex chose to take action.

When asked what advice he has for new Brand Partners, Alex stressed the importance of getting excited and fired up. It’s this type of positivity that helps attract new leads, promote retention and get people interested in the products. For Alex, if you treat the Vemma opportunity as a mere hobby then it will ultimately pay like one. This is exactly why he has chosen, along with his motivated team, to treat it like a million-dollar business. Alex is on the ground floor of something truly special. “I feel blessed to be exposed to something like this at the young age of 21. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. I am fired up!”
Alex Morton shares his success story with Vemma. If it is possible for him, it is possible for you.

Here are some standout quotes:

“Be healthy, be wealthy”

“There is no ‘bucks’ in Starbucks!”

“You don’t need to be ‘smart’ to make money”