Motivational Speaker – Dexter Yager

Motivational Speaker – Dexter Yager

Motivational Speaker – Dexter Yager


– The Grandfather of Network Marketing –

“Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream!”

Dexter and his wife Birdie can be acclaimed for building the most successful MLM organization in history with Amway, his team spanning more than 40 countries around the world and more than 1 million people.  Three sons – Jeff, Doyle, and Steve are also in the Amway business.

In Dexter’s downline are Hall of Fame distributors Bill Britt and Tim Foley. Dexter’s estimated earnings in 2010- 2011 $12 -14 million.

His distributors sold $2 billion already in 1995. For Yager, 71 year old, success is not unblemished. Dexter is a fascinating character.  If you get inside the MLM profession and ask around, every single top earner seems to revere what he has done as a pure demonstration of what can be possible.

After graduating from high school in 1957, Yager took a series of  sales jobs. He sold Sears tools, Ford cars and Utica Club beer. “It  got to the point,” he once wrote, “where I was drinking up to two cases of beer a day.”

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Dexter Yager started his career in the small town of Rome, New York, as a beer salesman. Most of the people in that town were broke, lived paycheck to paycheck, and had no hope of ever getting out of their daily rut at the local mill. Yager says of those early days, “We didn’t know anybody who had big dreams, or at least, talked about them.” Dexter was earning $95 a week before taxes as a car salesman and a brewery representative, while Birdie worked as a key-punch operator at a local Air Force base.

When a relative pitched Amway in 1964, Yager got hooked fast. “Amway became my top priority,” he said once. “I ate, slept and  breathed the business seven days a week.”