Motivational Speaker – Kalpesh Patel

Motivational Speaker – Kalpesh Patel

Motivational Speaker – Kalpesh Patel


Kalpesh Patel is one of the most Dynamic & Inspirational Speakers in the UK, he has touched over 500,000 lives over 12 years.

A natural born Entrepreneur, started out selling Coke (the stuff in cans…) to fellow students age 11. He puts his success down to his love of transforming lives & his WINNING ATTITUDE inherited from his parents.

Having overcome the toughest of challenges, his friends and family say he is lucky, he says “We are all lucky if we are open to luck!” Kalpesh has walked away from a £15k per week INCOME YES….PER WEEK, to start again from scratch with Success University!! WHY? “Because 12 years ago personal development TRANSFORMED MY LIFE FOREVER & I have promoted it for FREE ever since now I can get paid for doing what I love most, empowering others to “Be the best they can be”, “INTERNET, MLM & Personal Development under one roof…IT’S ALL OVER the world better watch out”

Home: London UK

Family Spouse : I am an uncle to two beautiful nieces, 8 and 13, and a gorgeous nephew aged 10, they are like my own and I live for them. My younger brother & sister-in-law who I adore and a Mother who dotes on me, she is my strength. Also my late Father who guides me always, he was my inspiration when growing up, a true role model.



Current / Former Occupation: Professional Inspirational Speaker & Entrepreneur, it’s my gift to the world. I’m unemployable

Status/Title with Success University: Ambassador

Would love to have dinner with:
Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Anthony Robbins in this lifetime, they have been a huge influence on my life. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Buddha if they were still alive. Their stories inspire me to be greater than my excuses.

I’m a lifestyle guy, love all the best things in life, traveling, adventurous activities such as caving, climbing, skiing, parachuting etc, I always do these things when abroad. I love the sunshine, spending time with people I love in great weather locations around the world. I love Nature.

My favorite activity is making a difference to people, watching them LIGHT UP when they realise how amazing they really are, watching them groom in a heart beat from a caterpillar to a butterfly, enlightenment in a moment.


Favorite Movie(s) or type of movie:
I love films that have a message, Matrix is an all time favorite, Star Wars, Bourne Identity, the latest one….In Pursuit of Happiness reminds me of me.

Success Tip: Find your life’s purpose and live it, be the best you can be.

Motto: We are all self made through the choices we make and the paths we follow, we create it all. If you do not like where you are in life, take responsibility to improve it.