$41,500 Fridge Is the Size of a Small Car

$41,500 Fridge Is the Size of a Small Car

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This is probably one of the most expensive ways to keep your food cold.

An Italian company called Meneghini developed this armoire-like fridge called “La Cambusa.”

The 8.2 foot-wide fridge can blend in with your decor, and it comes with 26.6 cubic feet of storage — plus a hefty price tag. At minimum, the fridge costs $26,000 — that’s just for the wood frame and to have it painted one of 500 colors of your choice. The fridge, freezer and temperature-controlled pantry units cost extra. Choose add-ons like brass handles, glass shelving, a steam oven, or a Miele coffee system, and it can max out at around $41,500 with all the bells-and-whistles. The fridge can also be equipped with a flat screen TV.

U.K. retailer Robey, which sells the fridge, admitted to the Daily Mail that they “do not sell hundreds a week.”

These days, technology is leveraged to make home appliances more intuitive. There are a number of high-end refrigerators on the market, and one amenity many of them have in common are flat screen TVs. This one by LG aims to make dieting easier by keeping you posted when you run out of certain items, as well as sending you healthy recipes. And this uber-connected fridge from Samsung can refer to your family’s Google calendar.

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