Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant

Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant

About Our Pageant


Over 25 years of Beauty, Elegance, and Culture

Founded by Rose Chung, the Miss Asian America Pageant has been the premier event in Asian American community for the past two decades and the longest running Asian American pageant in the United States. From our humble beginnings in 1985 with the Asian American Arts Festival, our event has expanded to an internationally recognized event with regional competitions nationwide.
The Face of Asian America

Today, the Miss Asian America Pageant continues its active participation in nationwide events. From our partnership with the American Legion, the nation’s largest veteran’s organization, to our participation in America’s largest Chinese New Year celebration held in San Francisco annually, the pageant continues its positive representation of the Asian American community.
The Heart of Asian America

Celebrating “Beauty, Elegance, and Culture,” the Miss Asian America Pageant is proud to have contributed thousands to community causes and continues to be one of the largest scholarship providers for Asian American women nationwide. Proceeds from the event have been donated to Asian Perinatal Advocates, a nationally recognized child abuse/domestic violence prevention program and most recently, all event merchandise sales have benefited the Stanford University Asian Liver Center in an effort to fight Hepatitis B in the Asian American community.
The Future of Asian America

The pageant has seen through almost 500 contestants in its program and is proud of its titleholders. Mona Lee Locke (Miss Asian America 1986) went on to a successful journalism career and became First Lady of the State of Washington. Gwendoline Yeo (Miss Asian America 1995) has starred in JAG, NYPD Blue, OC, and 24. Amrapali Ambegaokar (Miss Asian California 1999) is an accomplished Cirque du Soleil dancer. We pride ourselves in shaping the leaders of Asian America.
The World of Asian America

More so than ever, with the fast pace globalization of the international community, the Miss Asian America Pageant is proud to be at the forefront of international cooperation and friendship. In 1993, the Miss Asian America went abroad for our first ever global goodwill tour as part of the Goodwill Mission Variety Show in Shenzhen, China and since then, we have spread our friendship across the globe, most recently at the United Nations World Environment Day in 2005. Ambassador Matthew Lee of the Republic of China calls Miss Asian America, “the bridge of American friendship to Asia.”
About the Founder

Rose Chung is the President of the Miss Asian America Pageant. A former Miss Chinatown USA, Rose has expanded the pageant from a largely Bay Area based cultural event to the longest running and most successful Asian American pageant in the nation. In addition, Rose has served on numerous community organizations. She is currently President of the Miss Asian Global Pageant, the Board of Directors of Asian Perinatal Advocates and the San Francisco Coalition of Asian American Government Employees. Rose also serves on the Board of the California Chinese American Republican Association and and the Chinatown Neighborhood Center.

 August 4, 2018
Herbst Theater
San Francisco, California