Investment & Medical Tourism Accreditation



1.Cooperative mode of medical tourism industry


South Korea is a good example of the recent medical tourism surge. The world medical tourism association is a global organization that covers more than 100 countries and institutions, including government departments and private institutions. Today I would like to share the investment and certification of medical tourism, and discuss which policies are feasible, but the strategy is not only determined by policy.


We are working with more than 100 countries around the world, and we are doing research of policies from different countries. Medical tourism is not only tourism itself, but we should also consider how to develop the characteristics of medical tourism, achieve sustainable development, and feasible marketing strategy. Now medical tourism is developing around the world, but there may be strategic planning, but they don’t know how to implement it.


We need to build partnerships with other medical systems or universities, but cooperation requires certain opportunities, such as whether the hospital has adequate infrastructure or certified doctors. Before we cooperate, we need to consider the feasibility, how to implement the five-year plan, and how to do the marketing. There is some progress in the feasibility study at this stage, but the details should be further taken into account in the implementation, such as how the hospital and tourism industry ensure the quality.


In 2008, we cooperated with South Korea to promote the training of doctors, not only to specialists, but also to other aspects of training, such as English language. Culture and the training of medical itself is very important, because when customer plan to travel, they not only care about health care, if they can get better treatment, customer experience, price will not be a concern. Cooperation with the United States and Europe, they are mainly trained in their paediatrics and cardiology clinics to receive some certification of international standards. I think this kind of cooperation is very important.


American or European hospital set up branch offices in China is a big trend, some hospitals are very eager to cooperate with Chinese hospitals, but they may have some hesitation when entering the Chinese market, like if I find the right partner, whether or not we can guarantee the quality of the parties. I suggest that cooperation should be signed and be based on the details of the memorandum.


2.Medical tourism certification


It also wants to share strategies and certifications in different areas. We started the certification system in 2007, and we have different LABS and hotel systems. Medical tourism cares about hotels. If international patients feel that hotels and medical conditions are not good enough, it may adversely affect the whole brand, so there should be a certification system. Certification can enhance competitive advantage, raise awareness, and enable doctors, nurses and related tourism development industries to integrate, and ultimately promote the development of the whole industry.


For example, we have just completed a three-year case of Puerto Rico, which is a similar island to Hainan. The local government signed the contract with us, let us do certification for all hospitals and companies, hotel. The island hopes to have a 360 – degree all-round system, as long as medical tourists have a good experience. Medical tourists will have a good care once they arrive the airport, even bus, taxi has a special channel, so we put the professionals to do the certification, we are also certified 20 hotels, the government is expected to bring in $300 million in 2017, at the same time bring3000 jobs in Puerto Rico, and received a lot of international patients, Puerto Rico economy have a significant power function on the whole.


Not only the hospital, but they also transform the hospital into medical tourism omnidirectionally. Government provides hotel and hospital certification fee, so the government become the industry promotion center, it will p increase the number of patients to Puerto Rico for medical tourism by PPP model, and they will invest millions of dollars a year for marketing to propaganda Puerto Rico medical tourism brand.


So why does medical tourism become the top priority for these countries? Because the cost per person is five times to 10 times more than the average tourist, and the length of stay is two to three times longer. The impact on hotels, restaurants and stores is obvious. Certification program is training the hospital management, it is very important to let them know medical tourism, at the same time we also external publicity, we have a circulation of more than 3000 publications to promote medical tourism certified hospital. This is our comprehensive certification process, we are a systematic approach, after the certification, we provide them with all-round services.


3.Medical tourism investment


If you want to invest in medical tourism or build a new hospital, you have to focus on five to 10 years of planning. It seems easy to find a case for this industry, but it’s hard to read the story in a magazine and judge your development path. When we manage a hospital, you have to use local people as a service. But at the same time you also need a road map, such as how to receive foreign tourists, who do I advertise to international buyers, insurance companies, employees, foreign governments, travel agencies? Because there are thousands of different medical tourism buyers now, who are you promoting to? Every year there are thousands of buyers searching for a medical tourism destination, so it takes a long time to set up a network, and we need a resources introduction to carry patient in.


So now we have to build up the resources so that we can build capacity for the next two or three years. When we worked with the south Korean government, it was found that building a global brand means it is the highest level of medical care area. We should consider the price after the brand is established. First, you need to earn trust to provide effective information and services to your customers, medical travel buyers.


Costa Rica is a small country, and is invisible in the medical tourism map, they mainly focused on the medical beauty services, and promote the best cosmetic surgery doctors globally, after two years, the world’s impression of Costa Rica has completely changed, it is considered a medical tourism destination choice for South America market. The key is policies and brands and promotion, but at the same time, be patient and the brand will need time and test, which is very important.



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