94123, Marina

94123, Marina

Zip Code: 94123

Area Name: Marina

Sales Price / Median Price: $1,991,500

Average Household Income: $164,075

Unique About / Landmark in the area:

Palace of Fine Arts
Until 2013 housed the Exploratorium, a renowned hands-on science museum and children’s educational center, and which takes up much of the western section of the neighborhood. The Palace is the only building left standing in its original location within the 1915 Exposition fairgrounds. The grounds around the Palace are a popular year-round attraction for tourists and locals, and are a favorite location for weddings and wedding party photographs for couples.

The neighborhood is also noted for its demographics, which since the 1980s have shifted from mostly middle-class families and pensioners, to professionals in their twenties and thirties. These now make up more than half of the population, although a small, affluent older population remains.