350 Eighth St. (Planning, Design or Conception) – San Francisco – 94103

350 Eighth St. (Planning, Design or Conception) – San Francisco – 94103

350 Eighth St. (Planning, Design or Conception) – San Francisco – 94103

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350 8th St San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Upon the nearly full-block bus depot site at 8th and Harrison Streets, an eight building multi-use development with over 400 residential units and 22,000 square feet of retail, office and arts space is proposed to rise at 350 8th Street, a key component of the proposed Western SoMa development plan which some consider to be rather “short-sited.”

Local Map

The eight buildings of the 350 8th Street project would rise five and six stories with the majority of the proposed 410 residential units (168 two-bedrooms, 196 one-bedrooms, and 46 studios) located over ground floor retail or commercial, click the images to enlarge.
Nearly 400 off-street parking spaces would be located underground or within the interior of the Stud-adjacent site, which includes a public park on the corner and “open space” within.
While Archtsone has been leading the charge, expect either AvalonBay or Equity Residential to pick up the project and run with its development without missing a stride.

A few more renderings of the project as proposed, including the courtyard, which is up for approval by San Francisco’s Planning Commission this afternoon:

350 8th St. went before the planning commission last week on December 6. The project was approved by the planning commission by a vote of 5 in favor, none opposed. Opponents of the 350 8th St. development have 30 days to appeal to the Board of Supervisors.

3.4 Acres of New Housing to Grow in SOMA

The 350 8th St. development will replace a 3.4 acre bus parking lot with roughly 410 homes. The planning document doesn’t say if they will be rentals or for sale, but since the project sponsor is Archstone Development (just recently acquired by AvalonBay/Equity Residential for a cool 6.5 billion dollars), I assume the homes will be built as condos but most likely rented. The architect for the project is Kava Massih Architects.

Quick facts about 350 8th St, as proposed:

13 buildings
410 homes
168 two-bedroom homes
196 one-bedroom homes
46 studio homes
356 auto parking spaces (below ground primarily, some on the interior streets)
392 bicycle spaces (also a mix of below ground and street level)
15% of the homes will be BMR (below market rate, aka inclusionary housing) and those homes will be on-site
The development will be mixed-use, with an additional:

retail/commercial spaces at ground floor, roughly 22,280 square feet
arts activity/PDR space along Gordon Street, roughly 10,600 square feet
office space in a 5 story building at the southwest corner (Ringold @ Harrison, closest to The Stud nightclub)
The project will sit pretty much directly across Harrison Street from the H2O loft building and also the Ironworks loft building. Given that the proposed buildings top out at about 65 feet high it is unwelcome news for owners on the north side of the H2O and Ironworks buildings who will lose their current downtown views. That said, it will bring an influx of new residents to the neighborhood, which is probably a good thing, although they’ll need to be prepared to live in the heart of an urban neighborhood home to legends like The Stud and Mr. S Leather (NSFW).

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