Smart Home (36/61)

Smart Home (36/61)


Toucan Outdoor Security Surveillance Kit, Wifi Camera with Smart Socket

Toucan Outdoor Security, a preventive surveillance system built to retrofit most existing outdoor light fixtures. With a wide angle adjustable HD camera, passive infrared motion sensor, a 100dB remote panic alarm and 2-way communication speaker and microphone, app driven Toucan detects movement at doors providing automatic notification directly to smartphones. Through mobile app, homeowners can see and talk with any visitors no matter where they are, including viewing live video and captured footage. Toucan patent pending smart socket allows remote light control. It’s an easy 3-step installation, no hardwiring or batteries needed – if you can change a light bulb, you can install Toucan.

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Total control in your hands

Toucan wireless outdoor surveillance camera comes with a camera and a smart socket for light fixtures, a motion detector, a smart sensor, and more. From lamps and doors to windows and mailboxes, Toucan is the total solution for your home and outdoor safety needs. Via the free Kuna app, you can receive alerts, view live video, and speak directly to those at your door. Captured footage is available for up to two hours free of charge and for up to 30 days on optional paid subscription plans, so that you’ll never miss a moment (even if you can’t get to your phone right away).

With safety features built-in, Toucan is a convenient third-eye providing you a peace of mind and is also a perfect burglary prevention solution.