Smart Home (46/61)

Smart Home (46/61)

Onelink Environment Monitor

Apple HomeKit-enabled

Fully HomeKit-enabled, Onelink by First Alert Environment Monitor helps you ensure a healthy and comfortable environment in your baby’s room or any other part of your house by constantly monitoring air quality, temperature, and humidity with the app on your iPhone or iPad.

The environment monitor is a snap to set up. Once in place, it quickly starts identifying and alerting you to low-level carbon monoxide (CO), which is especially harmful to infants. If it detects extremely dangerous levels of CO the monitor sounds a loud siren. Temperature and humidity monitoring helps to ensure that your indoor environment is meeting your desired specifications. For instance, the illuminating LED ring on the monitor will change color, indicating shifts in temperature.

The monitor also offers push notifications that warn of unhealthy carbon monoxide levels or when room temperature or humidity changes.