Smart Home (35/61)

Smart Home (35/61)

Ring Stick Up Cam Digital Wireless Security Camera with Night Vision

Weather-resistant and wire-free outdoor security camera, mount Stick Up Cam anywhere on your home to see, hear, and speak with visitors via the free Ring app. No matter where you are, with Ring your always home.

  • Take security videos efficiently and simply with the Ring Stick Up Cam
  • Customize motion zones and sensitivity to activate the Stick Up Cam and trigger Ring app alerts
  • The green-conscious rechargeable battery renders 6-12 months of battery life between recharges, while infrared LEDs let you operate this camera during the day or night
  • The secure quick-release mount adds to the installation ease of the Ring Stick Up Cam
  • Cloud video recording
  • HD videos
  • Night vision


Never miss a visitor again thanks to the Ring Stick Up Cam. Created with home security in mind, the Ring Stick Up Cam enables you to see and speak with whoever is on your property from anywhere in the world by streaming live audio and video for the added convenience and peace of mind of giving off the impression that you’re home, even when you’re not.Quickly and easily connect the Ring Stick Up Cam to your home WiFi network by following our simple in-app instructions on your smartphone or tablet. Ring can be powered through it’s built in battery, or be powered through the use of the Ring Solar Panel.

The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with a 720p HD camera equipped with night vision, and is easily installed with no professional help needed. The Stick Up Cam’s built-in motion sensors detect movement up to 30 feet, and HD video recording stores all recording footage to the cloud which can be accessed via the Ring app. Whether it’s a neighbor, intruder, or deliveryman, you can respond accordingly. (Cloud subscription required)

Did you know? The Ring Stick Up Cam comes with lifetime purchase protection, which means if someone steals it, Ring will send you a new one — completely free of charge..


Once you download the iOS or Android app to your mobile device, you can see and speak to visitors on your property directly from your smartphone or tablet. You might want to let the deliveryman know he can leave the package on your back patio, advise an unwanted visitor to leave your property, or let Billy’s buddy know that he’s away this weekend and can’t come over to play — straight from your smartphone.

You’ll also get activity alerts, and can access past footage with the optional cloud recording subscription. 1 This way, you can confirm that the deliveryman did drop that package off on the back porch. Or, it can act like a security camera, catching an intruder snopping around an area that they should not be in. The video is recorded in high definition, and securely stored for viewing right from the Ring app, at your convenience.


You won’t need to hire a professional to install this Stick Up Cam for you, nor deal with wiring. The Ring Stick Up Cam can run off the built-in lithium ion battery for a quick setup right out of the box. It can also be paired with the Ring Solar Panel so that you never have to worry about taking the Stick Up Cam down to charge it. It takes just a few minutes to set up, and \ comes with everything you need to install it on virtually any surface, including wood, stucco, and cement.


The Ring Stick Up Cam has a useful security aspect to it in addition to convenience. With Smart Motion Detection, motion sensors will be able to detect when someone is approaching and send you an alert. You can see if someone was lurking around your home, or get an idea of just how late your teenager arrived home last night.

It can detect motion from up to 30 feet away, which means you’ll even know if someone is simply nearby and not directly at the door. The Ring Stick Up Cam also comes with infrared night vision which helps you keep an eye on things when there’s little to no light.